Words to Remove from the Dictionary of Life

The end of one year approaches and the beginning of another zooms in.  Just like that!  Yet it holds so much significance for all of us.  It offers a chance to begin anew, to get firm with one’s self, and give form, from the inside, to the world we wish to see on the outside.

In order to do this, what words must be removed from the Dictionary of Your Life?   Everyone has words which when used repeatedly create upset, limitations, and even chaos in the inner and outer worlds.  What are those words for you?  How easy is it going to be to stop using them?  Be honest.  Would you like to receive Divine Help?  What is the percentage of being able to do this on your own?  What is the percentage of Help from the Benevolent One that it will take you to get there?

Write it down in a diary and also embed it in the diary of your heart. Remember that you have Divine Help constantly.   Remember what you are being helped to eliminate.  Remember what you are replacing it with.  Take the first step, have courage, and know that you will receive Divine Help.  Know that you do not have to do this alone.

The Highest on High asks us to eliminate the words “sometimes” and “something”.  Imagine how these words can delude you from being the master of your own self.  These words reflect a lack of determination, that no true leader can tolerate.

Imagine if Rosa Parks said:  Oh sometimes, I don’t mind sitting in the back of the bus, but sometimes I do.  Could she have been victorious in her battle against the darkness of racism?

Imagine if Mozart, Leonardao da Vinci, or Shakespeare, was thinking all the time that I just know “something” is going to stop me from becoming great or “something” always gets in my way”!  Would they have been able to move forward in their creativity?  Would they be remembered as the greats in their fields of endeavor?

Imagine yourself now.  You may want to really go for radically changing the quality of your thoughts, you may want to paint the canvas of your life with only positive thoughts about yourself and others.  Is that too much to ask of yourself?

Will you consistently be able to accomodate others and the hurtful mistakes they make and the uncomfortable situations you may find yourself in, with positivity and grace?   Will you do this sometimes or all the time?  Will you constantly maintain your self-respect, no matter what, sometimes or all the time?  Making the promise of “all the time” is crucial for if you allow even one negative thought, one careless slip of the tongue to enter the creative sanctuary of your mind, it will keep coming back at you, again and again. Protect yourself from the influence of your own mind by becoming the master of it. Be determined.  When you ask the mind to stop, it must stop. Make this habitual!

As this controlling power within you grows, you will maintain a peaceful state of mind that invites silence.  From this silence, only sweetness arises.

Those with sincere, honest hearts will receive help.  For, if you have this true desire to be constantly positive, yet you are not sure if you can commit to perfect results, the Benevolent One will help you.  Stay in tune with the Highest on High for that One makes the impossible possible.

Stretch youself, align with the You that is unlimited.  Reach high, go for the gold and  maintain courage, for your courage will draw to you the Divine power to make the coming year, the year you accomplished the impossible.

man with heart

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