The Seed of Unity~

WISDOM KEEPER: Dadi Janki’s words about Healing, Unity, and the Power of Seeing Soul to Soul~the Seed of Unity

This picture symbolizes being immersed in the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Peace and Spiritual Power.   Stay immersed in your natural state of love, peace, and power.woman in ocean

“There is an external world and an internal world~ We let all the things of the old world inside.

If we listen to everthing and let it in, things of violence and hatred go inside.

The Great Source of Light  is teaching us to create an internal world of peace, happiness, and spiritual wealth.

So be free, free of stress and distress, of anger.

The Highest on High tells us how to be free, but the practice of looking at others is so deep. Someone does something wrong ; we keep remembering them.

Let Go.  Make yourself complete inside.

Others will see you; feel you are complete and they will become inspired to be the same.

Let go of anger, for the one with whom you got angry will not forget. Trying to prove you are right is a sign of your own anger, a sign of ego.

Whatever someone says to you, remain sweet, quiet.  This is the proof of your character.

If someone’s heart is heavy, they can not listen to what you say.  You need to lighten their heart.  Give happiness.

To give happiness, you need a big heart.

Make your consciousness spiritual and you will automatically give happiness.

Keep the vision that all are God’s children.

With the qualities of love and respect it is easy to create unity.

Everyone has some weakness,  but when the intellect starts noticing  weaknesses, mistakes it becomes difficult to look at specialties.

To unite hearts is very difficult.  It’s easy to break a heart…to create conflict.

But there is greatness in creating unity.

To live in unity.  There should be generosity of heart, cleanliness of heart, truth.

When talking look at each other with a vision of soul consciousness

This is the seed of unity.  Sow the seed of unity whenever there is disunity.

Disunity creates sorrow and sufferring, heaviness, confusion.

Look at each other with soul consciousness and we will never lose hope.

Share with great love and respect, then whatever is spoken will be accepted with great love.

With the virtue of maturity others will trust you…will be open with you.

We need the power to understand each other.  This creates unity.

Let the river of good wishes flow to everyone.  Never stop communicating through good wishes.

Automatically that soul will feel that love.

If there is love, there is definitely unity.

We have to remain tied in the thread of love.”

Dadi Janki


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