A Meditation on the Power of Peace for Children of All Ages

Sparkling Star Meditations    The Beloved One, the Teacher, says: “You souls are embodiments of peace.” (murli)  Each one of you, souls is like a sparkling star.  You dwell within and your strength is peace and silence.

For young and old, alike, peace is the best place to begin to experience spirituality for peace is at the very core of every soul.  This only becomes apparent  during moments of silence if one detaches from the cares of the world and the influence of the body.  This prepares the soul to feel its own inner state of peace.  Generally speaking, this is a rarity for those who do not consistently meditate or have some form of focus or concentration that takes them beyond the day to day experiences of the materially-centered world.

However when we have a practice that allows us to experience this peace within, it is possible to stabilize in peace and spread vibrations of peace even while actively engaged in physical activity.  This is true peace.  What it takes is the special power of silence.  Look within to see if you have a well of silence or a fountain of silence that you can drink from.  How much silence have you accumulated in your inner world?

“The power of silence changes the entire world from peacelessness to peacefulness.  It not only transforms the human souls but it also transforms nature. ” (murli)

Reflection on Peace:

*Peace is feeling quiet inside.

*Peace is having good feelings inside for the self and others.

*Peace begins within each one of us.

*Peace is an inside job and is our original state.

“If you are stable in the stage of pure feelings and the feelings of love, those same feelings will also emerge in others.”

Experiement with this.

Watch how “your pure feeings will create their feelings.  Just as one lit candle is able to ignite another one, in the same way your powerful, pure feelings will easily bring out pure feeings in others…Through the power of silence and  pure thoughts, you can easily carry out physical tasks and even inspire others to carry them out….

Just as with practice, you have become or can become powerful in your speech,  in the same way, increase the practice of the power of silence…for that which is extremely subtle is very powerful: threfore, pure thoughts are more powerful than words.” (murli)


For ‘children of all ages’

One of the Peace Reflection Points is …Peace is feeling quiet inside.

Since one way to be peaceful is to be quiet inside, let’s practice this by thinking about the stars way above the earth.

Imagine yourself to be just like a star, shining and sparkling so beautiful in the sky.  A star can be seen, but not heard.  A star is so quiet and peaceful.  As your thoughts are focused on shining like a star…let your body be still…relax your toes and legs…relax your stomach…and your shoulders…relax your arms…and your face…

All of your energy is focused on being a star…what color of peace do you shine with today?  Perhaps with a rose color that has the feeling of being safe and loved…Perhaps with a blue color that shines a light of peace and courage…

Whenever you wish to feel peaceful inside, you can become very still and quiet inside by remembering that you are a peace star, a point of sparkling light shining brightly.  You are a light that can be seen, but not heard.

Your thoughts are powerful and carry a vibration that can be felt, though not physically heard.  You are an embodiment of peace, a being of Peace.

This is your natural state.






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