What One Resists, Persists…Another Option

This is very helpful information!!! Plus an exercise at the end to play with a partner to move into the energy of the eternal~~~


  the Tao  “What is half shall become whole.  What is crooked shall become straight.                   What is empty shall become full.  The Tao is the eternal without doing and yet nothing remains undone.  Without going outdoors one knows the world.  Without looking out of the window one sees the Tao of Heaven.  The further out one goes, the lesser ones knowledge becomes.” ~ Tao Te Ching 5th or 6th Century~

A theme of many faiths is that it is not only unnecessary to resist a threatening force, but that it is counterproductive.  Resistance creates persistence.  As is the Hawaiian philosophy of the Huna:  What we resist, persists.

This approach to life was also explored deeply by the Taosists, of China more than 2,000 years ago.  The Tao reminds us of the stress that is created in a society driven by power struggles…

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