What You Remember~Shapes Who You Are

More accurate title for this short piece on who you think you are~you are!!!


Movements  (transits) in your inner world are more powerful than any transits of the celestial bodies of our galaxy, for you are an eternal soul, a celestial soul and when self-aware, you are unlimited.  These words can not be proclaimed by the ego, which is simply a structure that has been constructed to make you fit into a world of other egos.

Now is the time to remember to speak as a soul, teach as a soul, and allow the light of who you are to dispel the accumulation of darkness generated by well intentioned, but seriously limited egos who have made the trends of today, what they are.

What you remember, that which you keep in the forefront of your being will mould and shape who you are!  By turning your mind within to behold the highest truth of who you are, and then proceeding to act in the…

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