The Wisdom of the Tortoise



Have you been searching for the “mute button” on certain channels of your mind?  Are their channels in your mind which you have become so accustomed to listening to and yet, they leave you feeling exhausted?  Would you like to have the ability to “mute” whenever you chose?  If so, lets take a moment to understand this power to stop, to pause, to mute by  bringing to mind, the tortoise, one of the longest lived, peaceful creatures on the planet.  What does a tortoise do in a moment of danger?  It withdraws into the safety of its shell.  With one powerful movement, what was once on the outside and visible, moving about and exploring, eating or walking, a slow moving target, suddenly disappears from sight completely.  This one immediate action will save the tortoise from its demise again and again.

How does this apply to you, a complex, fast moving, fast…

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