Desires are Not the Problem, Satisfying them Is!


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When you remember your true nature of love, peace, and joy, you can fill up  from the Source of Love, Peace, and Joy.  Like attracts like; therefore, it is easier to receive these vibrations and frequencies when you are in a state of appreciation of the Beloved, rather than when you are angry or frustrated.  Powerful meditation is all about attunement to the Love and Peace of the One Above.

I love dipping in to the wisdom of Dadi Janki, a 103 year old yogi who has been meditating for over 75 years.

Here are some practical words of wisdom from Dadi.

Desires are not the problem; satisfying them is.   God says: tell me all your desires and I will fulfill them. But people don’t do this. They turn to others expecting someone else to fulfill them.

Expectations are another kind of desire.  Expecting to be praised, recognized, or approved of are the signs of  little spiritual accomplishment.  Over time, expectations will deplete you…your work will turn superficial, for namesake only, and you will be distanced from the true blessings of others.

God’s pure desire is that we now become like Him.                                                     

Our only desire now, should be that, too.        

Sound like a tall order?  Does it sound doable, desirable?  What does it even mean?  How does one go from being decidedly human to being definitely divine/angelic?   Actually, we were all divine originally; we’ve simply forgotten what it means to be an embodiment of peace, of love, of joy, and of bliss. 

Borrowing once again from Dadi Janki:

People have forgotten how to give love, nor do they know how to receive. Thus the heart is empty.  This is why they don’t know what love is (or who God is). Actually, just to take the time and effort to understand what love is, is an act of love, in itself…If you go inside yourself, there you will discover what love is.  If you look for it externally, you will need to keep on looking because you will find only deception and sorrow.  You have to go inside to look for love.”

Namaste’ and Om Shanti,



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