Teaching Best~What I Most Wish to Learn~A BIG Thank You to You, the Reader! My Inspiration!



Hanalei BayAloha to All who have ever read any of my blog posts~Thank you for having the interest in the topics that I write about.  There is a very true saying that ” we teach best, what we have to learn the most!”   I’m learning so much as I write and I really appreciate that you may be finding truth and relevance, as well, from what I’m sharing.  It’s really a win-win, isn’t it?

You have given me the encouragement and zeal to keep on writing!  A dear friend of mine, helped me publish a short book called : 5 Questions That Can Turn Your Life Around.  It is out on Amazon.com and can be purchased on a Kindle or as an e-book  for $2.99 or if you are on their Kindle Program you can read it for free!!!  It is short… 7 pages!!!  To get a sense of what the book is about, check out my blog post called: 7 Questions That Will Turn Your Life Around.

During the month of March 2016,  you were in good company with others who have ventured over to my blog… 48 souls from the U.S., 28 from Malaysia, 15 from the U.K., 10 from India, 3 from Australia, and 1 each from Denmark, Turkey, Argentina, and Canada were   An International group, for sure~which tells me that what I’m moving through and writing about is not only relevant to me in the remotest place on earth, at the top of the Hawaiian Island chain, but that souls all over the planet can relate!

Thanks to WordPress’s data, it is easy to track readers by country.  During this month of March 2018…Soul Answers has reached 63 souls from the U.S., 10 from Ireland, 7 from India, 6 from Mauritius, 4 from the U.K., 4 from Belgium, 2 from Singapore, 2 from the United Arab Emritates, 2 from the Netherlands, 2 from China and Canada, and 1 from Germany!  This blog has expanded from 9 countries two years ago, to reaching 12 countries this year.

We are all waking up together!!!

Thank you so much for joining me here on this blog and on Facebook.  YOU are great company!  I’d love to hear from you, even a sweet hello or “aloha” as we say in Hawaii!

Your comments are always appreciated!

With Peace and Love~May All Souls Be Happy,



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