Spring Clarity on Soul Consciousness: Your Total Game Depends on Thought

Reposting these powerful thoughts from the Divine Teacher~ Your Total Game Depends on Thought~~~
I know you know~I find REMINDERS so helpful!!!!!


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Last night, after World Peace Meditation, before sleep, I opened to these words of the Beloved.  I felt to share them, in love, with the three of you as an affirmation of who we truly are!  Many blessings on your week.  It is a true delight when the “stars of success” join together in a task!  I look forward to and cherish the moments we share together with the Beloved.  May He be your Constant Companion and may you be a “destroyer of obstacles” for yourself and others!

“When a powerful thought is created, then the world becomes elevated!  As is the thought, so is the world.  The total game depends on thought. Create the thought of happiness and at that moment there will be the experience of an atomosphere of happiness.  Create a thought of sorrow, and even if the atmosphere is of happiness yet the soul will experience…

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