Recognize the Gifts Within

Learn to be alone and like itAnother New Title, Another New Day~~~


ROSES of Kauai

I’ve been gifted with the deep and subtle truth of who I am, who I have been, and who I will become…vast!

I have been gifted with the awareness of time, and with that the play of events occurring in each life is always beneficially designed for our awakening.  I call this unfolding drama, my “mama” and I accept  Her Wisdom.

I know myself.  I can be alone, for I’m not alone.  I am filled with the lovliness of true recognition of the interconnectedness of all souls.  I can touch the world with my mind, streaming pure and happy thoughts for all creation.

I am calm in the midst of upheaveal, switching from the cacophony of souls crying out ~ to the purity of peace, allowing it to fill our world to overflowing~ touching all.

My Father holds my hand, moving me along in the direction of Happiness.  Trust the…

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