Values~What do you value most?

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The Call for Values~People around the world are increasingly being affected by scenes of violence which seem to stem from a core lack of respect and care for the self and others.

As a parent and educator, I see other parents and educators, as well as children reaching out for help to turn this alarming trend around.  I have always seen that an emphasis on “teaching values” is a big part of the solution to establish inner equilibrium for the individual to allow them to have a stabilizing effect on their family and community.

Living Values is an Educational Program that has been produced in response to this call for values.  It is a program that was created by teachers for other teachers and parents in 1995.  It has an amazing track record in transforming the climate of the families and schools that have implemented its practical methods and experiential…

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One thought on “Values~What do you value most?

  1. Wheee Haa!! As more and more individuals train the spotlight on the values that are our essence, we can reduce our teen suicide rate, return to enjoying harmonious lives, and touch the world with our deep peace! Malama pono.

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