Constant Love

Meditative Face with Soul sparkling

I belong to nobody but You, Divine Companion of the Soul.  I long to be with only You in all interactions!  I claim it now!

You have shared that to become perfect like You, one must  remain constantly merged with Your Love.  Then it would not be possible to look askance at another soul, for all that could be seen is goodness, love, well-being, and sweetness in the self and the other.

My pure desire is to become perfectly merged in Your Love.

Over time this has a great impact on the self and the world.  This is how one helps the Beloved to establish a perfect world of perfect beings living in perfect nature.  By putting this “simple act” of staying merged in the Beloved’s Love, the perfect reward is received again and again, again and again!

What creates this happening very soon?

Your determination to simplifyour response to the world to begin and end with Love; the love that you are and the Love that the Beloved is.

Continually charge the battery of love in the soul and become a Powerhouse of Soul Love: ever radiating, quietly smiling, brilliantly shining, continually flying, constantly right through to the end.

Begin now; this is the Beloved’s Direction.  Don’t delay;don’t forget. Catch yourself responding in a way that does not meet this criteria; stop and change!

Keep catching yourself and change the feelings of mine to thine.  Not my consciousness, for now I’ve merged with the Beloved’s Love and there is no mine at all – no ownership, no fighting, no defending, no complaint.

Just the awareness of the Beloved and I in a powerful state of love.  For Love builds on Itself, dances the soul to Its rhythm, leaves nothing out, graces every situation, and costs not a penny.

The Beloved says “Do you want to be equal to Me?  Then come and be lost in Love with Me”.

Who, having heard and understood this invitation, could possibly turn away?

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