The Spiritual Power in a Smile

pink rose

Have you felt the power of a smile… someone else’s or your own?  A smile can help someone achieve in a second what would otherwise have taken a great deal of time. Such a simple thing to give one another!

It is the simple things in life that create its wonder.  Simple things like breath, thought, choice, sunlight, rainbows, flowers, and a smile.

Simplicity is the mother of contentment.  Smiling at yourself and others can create wonders.

Thinking powerful thoughts about yourself brings energy and enthusiasm.  It also creates self-respect.  When you give respect to yourself, there is no urge to demand it from others.  Giving yourself respect for who you truly are~is like smiling eternally at the wonder that is you.

Self-respect is a higher state of soul-consciousness.  It purifies and gives lots of energy.  One who is in self-respect can charge the atmosphere of any scene on the basis of that self-respect.

Smile, have self-respect, it’s simple!




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