“They say it’s your Birthday!”

Anahola Praying Maiden

≅Yes it’s my birthday and in honor of birth, I’m posting this picture of the Kala’lea Mountain Range, here in Anahola, Kauai.  If you look closely at the very left you will see the head of a maiden gently resting upon the earth with her hair flowing down the mountain.  She is lying on her back, with palms together in a gesture of prayer, and her beautiful pregnant belly rises gracefully, just beyond her praying hands.  At about 3/4 of the way to the right, you will see a bit of a rise, that’s her feet.  There is a “birthing heiau” in these mountains, a temple dedicated to birth.  Hawaiian legend has it that all souls enter the material plane through this portal and leave at another portal at the west end of the island called Polihale…a beautiful cosmology, indeed!

It is a gorgeous day here and the waters I swam in today looked just like the water in this picture.  Before I left for my date with the sea, I was given a whole new spin on “happiness” when I opened up a book called 365 Days of Wisdom and opened up to a page dedicated to the value of happiness.  Most worth sharing with you~a gift from me to you~

Value: Happiness.

“Long-lasting happiness emerges from working constantly toward a specific goal.”


We tend to look for happiness in all we do.  If we cannot see the results of our efforts, often we are not inspired to complete the task. (Do you recognize this habit in yourself?) This attitude means that although we might experience happiness for a short time, it will never be long lasting. (Boy, does this coincide with what I’ve been pondering lately!!! There are lots of opportunities for short-term happinesses all around me, every day.  And yet, they can often total up to be plain old distractions, by the end of the day when I take account of what value I accumulated and actually shared during the time alloted to me!)

Application and Affirmation

Real, long-lasting happiness comes from committing myself to a specific goal.  When I am focused on what I want to achieve, the little things that I find difficult or which don’t give me immediate happiness don’t get in my way.  I move toward my goal with happiness.


All the Best to You on Your Journey of Accumulating the Kind of Treasure which will be Eternally Rewarding, not just for today!


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