What Are You Impressed By?

the eye of DrishtiThe world today is so full of mirages that it is easy to become impressed by something or someone and feel that: I have found something great~ I am being impressed by something good; this influence is wonderful, beneficial!  Such is the power of Maya or impurity. It is everywhere.  The soul’s power of discernment is vital, for many people are “falling” for one thing or another every day, every moment: one belief system, one method, one ‘guru’or another.  Without a strong foundation in the Seed of goodness and value it becomes easy to be deceived by what “looks really good”.

It is important to develop a relationship and an awareness of the One seed of all goodness, all virtue, all value.  The Seed, the foundation of all human attainments is the Source of Love, the Source of all Benevolence, the true Source of Power.  When one is not in connection with this Seed within the Self, then it is easy to be impressed by another’s nature.  The soul becomes caught up with a colorful branch and trys to swing from it, to derive happiness from another.  This is most often nothing but a distraction, for without a foundation, without being in touch with the Seed, swinging from a mere branch can only lead to a painful fall.

To be influenced by any individual means to be deceived.  To be deceived means to stumble into sorrow.  To become lost in any relationship or connection means that the soul has failed to link in all relationships with the Supreme, this is why the soul is experiencing a downfall in another relationship or connection.  It is when the relationship is broken with the One, the Source, that a soul can be influenced by someone else.  Where there is sorrow, there is no connection with the Source.

As you stabilize in the realization of who you truly are~a being of light, a sparkling jewel sitting in a vehicle of flesh, an eternal soul who has played many parts, in many bodies, you will become a detached and loving observer of life, people, situations, and events.  It is only when you maintain the consciousness of a detached and loving observer that you can make the Beloved One your Constant Companion, your Guide, and your Best Friend!  If you have this precious happiness of wanting to share the secrets of your heart only with the true Beloved, you can avoid being impressed and deceived by any other temporary relationship.  With this Pure Relationship, you will have the power to transform a soul that has an impure attitude and impure thoughts.

Such is the power available to you, when you are linked in True Love with the True Beloved.

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