The Mind Can be like a Jungle…To make it into a Garden, One needs a Plan~

Light in the Lotus
Most of what I write about can benefit anyone and does not need specialized knowledge or beliefs to put into practice.  However, the simplest direction is often the most profound and must be especially clear and exemplified by the speaker in order to be understood.

For example: the direction to become pure from impure, to become simple from complex, to become happy from sad, to become sensible from senseless, or to become peaceful from peaceless.   Who wouldn’t want to become all of this?

In the practice of Raja Yoga, we are given a simple directive from the Supremely Beloved to remember the One with love as much as possible.  To stay in this remembrance even while walking, cooking, eating, and moving around will create happiness, purity, simplicity, sensibility, and peace.  This is a clear teaching.  Here we only receive this one direction, a wonderful direction to attain everything.

Yet there are many who don’t believe it can be done.  Many others believe that God is everywhere and so they cannot have accurate remembrance of this One.  They don’t know how to direct their mind, when it is jumping all over the place like the proverbial monkey!

As a newcomer takes up this study, the first lesson is to “consider yourself to be a soul”, invisible, immortal, eternal, unlimited, and indestructable!  This is the first AND last lesson of all, getting our identity right!  Then it becomes easier to connect your essence, you, the light with the Light of the  Supreme Light.

The second lesson is “who and where is God?”  How can I remember this One, without knowing the name, form, and location of this Soul?  With this knowledge,  this introduction, there is a chance, we are not just shooting in the dark.  The light of consciousness has been lit when gifted with this knowledge. The knowledge that the form of God is the same as the form of every soul, a point of brilliant light…and the home of all souls, including the Supreme Soul is Nirvana, the soul world…a realm of golden red light. Beyond the sky is another sky.

Now it is time to experiement and experience the reality of this knowledge.  This is where the fun begins!

It is not a mystery, although it can be mysterious how one goes from being locked in a body of flesh and bones to becoming a free spirit, afloat in the Divine World of Nirvana.

This is our practice, understanding that truly I am a bodiless soul, free to explore and uplift this world, by going beyond this world into the sky beyond this sky to reunite with my eternal, bodiless Parent,  to “recharge”and to give the soul the strength to navigate this earthly world with its own valuable resources that emerge from within.

If any part of this journey sounds exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring (and necessary) to you, then fly off to your nearest Brahma Kumari Center to experience and experiment with remembering who you are and uniting with Supreme Bliss.  If you are lucky to live on Kauai and would like to experience the beautiful and unlimited state of soul consciousness in meditation, leave a comment of personal message me to set up a convenient time to learn.  All guidance is free!

























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