The World We Want

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The World We Want

UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, August 21, 2012 – BK Denise

Let me suggest something to you: “Do not think about a green apple!”  What happens in your mind?  Obviously, you think about a green apple.  We should be very clear in our minds, as to what exactly we do want.  What is not right becomes the focus of our attention and we direct our mental energies to that.  We invoke and sustain it, and make what is wrong persist.  Whether we should or should not think about a green apple, a green apple comes to mind.

Most people believe improvement occurs through removing or eliminating the negative, whether circumstantially, environmentally, or in terms of difficult people. Regarding a difficult person in your office you might think: “well if this one could be removed, fired or promoted, everything would be ok.”  It is deeply engrained…

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