Special Soul

amazing roseIn order to become a special soul, see the specialness in every soul.  Pick up the pearl of virtue, rather than the stone of defect.  In this be like a swan which has the wonderful ability to discern what to choose and what to disregard.

To see the faults in others is your own defeat; it is like eating impure food.  Instead, concentrate on the positive, see the positive, feed the positive, and emerge the positive in another by concentrating on the truth that lies within that soul.

The truth is that each soul has at its core the essence of purity, love, peace, and truth.  By staying in this consciousness, yourself, you touch others by your presence.  Let soul consciousness become contagious.

To say that every soul is God is an insult to the Highest on High who is the source of Peace, Purity, Love, and Truth.  In order to restore your original characteristics, invoke the Highest on High and receive that One’s Peace and Love into yourself.  Turn to that One for everything.  The Highest on High will restore your original essence; He will transform you into a fragrant flower from a thorn. Have this spiritual intoxication!


Me smelling Lillies

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