The Downpour of Divine Love that Quickens the Heart

The downpour of divine love that quickens the heart

makes it like an ocean, makes it begin to vibrate,

begin to live,

to give forth with energy and life,

to unleash tidal waves of spiritual emotion, embracing all beings.

Knock agains the walls of the shell so that the whole power of your heart

streams forth, flooding the Universe.

Find accomodation in all those hearts that you have touched upon,

from the moment that you have touched deeply upon the heart.

Think of all those hearts you have quickened.

Feel into the Light in the Heart of those whose Light you enhanced by your love.

See if you can get an answer to your heart’s greatest longing by knocking upon the door of your Heart.

Strike upon the gong until the gong opens up into wider spaces.

Life, itself, strikes upon your heart.

Life is knocking at the Door,

So that you may receive the answer.

Blessed is the answer which uproots the questions…

Should I do this?  Should I do that?

Am I flooding the world with Joy? Or

Am I creating concern and unhappiness?

There is the Answer.

You can’t find the answer in the mind.

For as soon as you knock at the door of the heart

The heart becomes a living receptacle.

Watch your mind scuttling itself

Before the immensity of the power of the Heart,

so that you have lost all sense of it being your heart.

It is no longer your heart,

It has become the heart of the Divine Beloved

Moving through you.

p.s. I have been carrying around this poem on some slips of paper for a long time now.  Wonder if anyone knows the source of this poem, the poet, the tradition from whence this poem has emerged.  I’ve googled it, but to no avail!

Thank you for all responces!!!







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