Change Has Been Mandated for Our Times~Are You Changing Consciously or Unconsciously?

It is a wonder that only when I have a changeless sense of who I am, can real change happen with more grace and ease!

Our original nature is pure, happy, unlimited, peaceful, wise and blissful. When this is not my experience, it is time to take a gentle look as to what is dominating my awareness.

This gentle look is facilitated by stepping into the softness of my inner world through meditation.  When I access this safe place and anchor in, I can have a good look around.  Change takes place naturally and consciously through contemplation, self-reflection, and meditation.

Contemplating on how others should change or how the world should change is mostly fruitless.  The only one I can change is myself…and when I change, the world around me also changes.  This is the wonder of the “unified field”. Change happens most gracefully through the power of awareness and self-clarity.

Go inward today, have a nice look around, and ask yourself how would I like to practice change today?  Be amazed by the results!!!




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