The 2 Things which Form the Basis of Going Up or Going Down

In life, the basis of feeling light or feeling heavy, going up or going down are two things!  Feelings and Intentions are the basis of living obstacle-free or burdened by opposition!

Having good wishes is otherwise known as benevolent feelings for all, the feeling of giving love and cooperation, the feeling of increasing courage and enthusiasm, the feeling of soul consciousness and the feeling of belonging. Good wishes, good feelings and intentions are the basis for happiness and an obstacle-free life.

If you find that you have other types of feelings which oppose any of the feelings and intentions noted above, then you will be troubled and drawn into those grosser feelings.  It will be harder to maintain a light and positive attitude toward yourself and others. You will find that the challenges in your life, which are there to make you strong, seem to drag on indefinitely.   For the main reason for any obstacle or challenge will be these contradictory feelings!

Therefore in order to “change the channel” from opposition to cooperation, become detached and view the situation from the standpoint and awareness of an amazing soul full of love and peace, for this is who you are, in truth! And, in essence, this is also who everyone else truly is!

It is a matter of remembering and forgetting the truth.

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