A Poem In and Out of Time


sacred flower

Gratitude’s bright face beckons me


Relishing glimpses of Self

Basking in still havens of remembrance,

Realizing the joy of  surrender. 

The dance of light plays harmonic tunes

Amidst the jasmine blooming in my heart.

Again and again, velvet winds blow through my mind, 

Clearing projections,

Uncovering the silken beauty that brings me

Into remembrances of another time,

When freedom reigned in everyone’s heart.  

The inner landscape moves ever so slightly,

gradually into daylight.

I am like the Sky,

Vastly present.  

Without making a sound,

Self dawns.

Moving inward in wonder,

Marveling at the memories of Paradise,

Indelibly recorded  on inner soul ethers,

Emerging again and once again.

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