What Do You Wish You Could Stop Doing, But Think You Can’t?

Are you having a hard time living up to the expectations you’ve set for yourself?   Think about your intentions.  Are you trying? Do you have a desire to improve? Okay, know then that you will get there and give yourself credit for your attitude!

Take a minute to listen to this true story.  Recently, a delightful friend of a friend admitted that she couldn’t stop nagging her husband and that “it’s hurting our marriage.”

My friend asked her what she was nagging him about, but she couldn’t really isolate a reason.  My friend said why don’t you just stop then?  She said she’d tried so many times that she’d given up hope already!

Sound suspiciously familiar?

Well the next thing, my friend said was “What about today…when he gets home today, are you going to nag him?”

Her friend started waffling and said that although she never planned to nag, it just happened.

My friend repeated gently again: “But today, when he gets home are you going to nag him or are you going to create a different story?  You can stop now.”

Her friend thought about it and in a heartbeat it hit her that she had a choice!  “I am not going to nag him today.”  Then she wrote the words STOP NOW in bold and posted them in her kitchen where a lot of the nagging usually occurred.

That was the day, she stopped.  She was supportive and loving instead, without a drop of nag.  She didn’t stop nagging every day forever and ever, however she stopped nagging on many of them and it has made all the difference in her relationship.

So what do you wish you could stop doing?  Ok. Stop today.  Stop now.

Every time you succssfully stop and do something better, treat yourself in a wonderfully positive way.   Take that steamy, hot, bubble bath you were promising yourself.  Buy that delicious mango and share it with someone, making both of you happy! Take yourself out on a date in the middle of your week and watch the sun set.  Buy fresh flowers.  Create more beauty and love in your surroundings.  This will remind you of a what a precious soul you are!I know you are tired, but come this is the way!








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