“Wait, Maybe the Answer’s Looking for You” (part 1 of 2 parts)

Part 2 will come with the Answers that are looking for you!!!


Part 1~

How do you see yourself?   Do you walk around feeling like a beggar or an emperor or empress?  What determines how you see and treat yourself?  Self-respect? Self-esteem? How your parents felt about themselves and each other?  All of these factors contribute to your present vision of yourself.

What is the difference between self-respect and self-esteem?  Do you know?  What I resonate with is this:  how I think about myself equates to my level of self-esteem.   My understanding of Self-respect is that it equates to how I treat myself because of how I think about myself (my belief system).

What naturally follows from this is if I think well of myself, I will treat myself well!  Hence the importance of  weeding out any false beliefs that I have picked up about myself from my early years and from the belief systems of others projected upon me in…

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