A New Affair of the Heart~Living Beyond Karma

Revised Version for You!


pink and blue sunWhen I first came across the teachings of Raja Yoga and the Brahma Kumaris, I was amazed and delighted to increase my understanding about karma through the one word “karmateet”!  I understand karmateet to mean reaching the state in which all karmic accounts have been settled at the end of one’s lifetime.

I was happy to hear that there was a method to become karmateet which I could practice daily, on my own!  With true benevolence, the One, the Highest on High teaches that souls can become free of their karma by “Remembering Me”.

Since the Beloved is also the Purifier, by cultivating a stage of being in yoga (union) with the Purifier, our negative karma is burned away.   Being honest with the Purifier and hiding nothing is important.  Anything that is hidden, will persist and therefore can not be lifted!  The Purifier understands the state of all souls…

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