You Lead the Way by Simply Knowing There IS Another Way.


cahali LighthouseDo you remember the Rolling Stones’ song: “Time is On My Side”?  This piece is about that kind of time, about the kind of time that is truly on your side!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you question the previous statement about time and the ‘times’ as being on your side, for certainly we are presently experiencing and witnessing a time of one natural disaster after the next, of man’s inhumanity towards human life, compounded by human atrocities to nature.  Many of the scenes that are playing out at this time are creating a sorrowful darkness for our people and our world.

This piece wasn’t written to dwell upon the sorrows of our world, yet they cannot and should not be denied.   Rather my purpose in writing this is to alert you and uplift you.  So back to the idea of time-being on your side!

Most of us are very…

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