Meditation for Children: The Magnet


When my 5 year old grandson said to me “Nana, I don’t know how to calm down” I realized how much our present world is effecting our nervous systems at all ages.  Bringing rituals into our lives that help our children and us to wind down, let go of the day, and simply be is catching on.  Guided Meditation for children is very effective when it contains a story that draws upon the child’s imagination, at the same time, it is calming down the senses.

The meditation I’ve chosen to share with you is from a wonderful website called: Relax Kids…  It goes like this…

Child Soul Meditating

“Pretend that your mind is a huge magnet, it’s not an ordinary magnet that attracts metal…it’s a  special magnet attracts all kinds of things, like people, and feelings.  Whatever you are thinking about is what the big magnet will attract more of.   Would you…

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