Words to Remove from the Dictionary of Life

Courage will take you everywhere worthwhile going!!!


The end of one year approaches and the beginning of another zooms in.  Just like that!  Yet it holds so much significance for all of us.  It offers a chance to begin anew, to get firm with one’s self, and give form, from the inside, to the world we wish to see on the outside.

In order to do this, what words must be removed from the Dictionary of Your Life?   Everyone has words which when used repeatedly create upset, limitations, and even chaos in the inner and outer worlds.  What are those words for you?  How easy is it going to be to stop using them?  Be honest.  Would you like to receive Divine Help?  What is the percentage of being able to do this on your own?  What is the percentage of Help from the Benevolent One that it will take you to get there?

Write it…

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