From my days of teaching: Journal Entry of March 16, 2007~Night before Spring Vacation

Blast from the past~still relevant. Self-respect is a strong key to respecting and appreciating others.


Yes, I have been vacating a lot…in order to see what is going on behind the scenes of life.  {Note from the future~this was  before the days of meditation} Going into my own insecurities/weaknesses, learning to accept and welcome “feedback” to grow on.


Touchstone into your crystalline heart space of billowing light reflected and refracted by the multitude of relationships you have with your many students.  Strong, powerful intensity grows by daring to dive into the place reflected back by others.  Much of what you have received lately is encouraging…going forward into more self-esteem and inner knowing of who you are.

What is transpiring in your soul?  Deeper kindness and compassion…less judgment, more thoughtful appreciation of students!

I wish to know myself well and to know others.  I wish to write to nourish myself and others.  Write of what???  Of my travels in consciousness!  Who would listen???  I’m listening…

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