Past Meets Present/Light Meets Dark/Yesterday and Today

Sending You Love from Here!


July 19, 2006.

This was written at the end of “summer break” from school.
There is so much outer activity as a teacher, hence the gaps between these creative sparks!
Om Shanti…I can now say this to my former self of  so many years gone by. It means: I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL. However on July 19, 2006 I was not aware of or in touch with the core of peace within I, the soul.

In fact, this is what I was writing: “drowning in sadness, images of loss have come loose in my being, spilling into everyday consciousness. Despondent, listless, where has my extreme positivity gone? Deep into the past where old mistakes, linger,unresolved…waiting for the new day to be liberated, freed, forgiven.

Overwhelmed by the process of the LIGHT filtering through the darkness, searching for a new way to address each day and to live the gift of…

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