What K.I.D.S. did for pre-schoolers and their parents is continued with “LIVING VALUES EDUCATION”

Living Values Classes for Parents are so exciting and supportive!


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As one popular child psychologist suggests: “Children learn what they live”.  Since all behaviors emerge from the home environment and early childhood experiences, it is important that parents be actively involved in their child’s educational life as well as ‘model’ the behaviors they wish to see.

As the late Phyllis Kunimura expressed in her book Beyond the Sandbox/ Preschool Matters:

“We believe that parents love their children, want the best for their children, and have good intentions.  But not all parents know how to parent in a positive, encouraging” effective way.  “They feel that the way they were parented, which is the model they are most apt to follow, was good enough for them, so it must be good enough for their children…Being a parent in this new millenium means understanding basic brain research, attending parenting skills classes and realizing the importance of stable loving relationships…It also means understanding that…

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