Thinking about God is not renunciation of karma (of actions).

Beautiful! Thank You! Om SHanti, Sis Shivalaya

luminiscències 2013/2023


Generally in the spiritual world, there is a belief that in order to reach the connection with God one has to depart from the mundane world; to isolate oneself in a monastery, to be an ascetic, etc., but He tells us that it is not necessary to do this, and compares it with the estimation of lovers who, when separated, do not need to go to a corner for to remember the other; they remember themselves naturally while they do everything.

POINTS 03/26/2018 (Madhuban) * Remembering the Father is a race of the intellect. Still, you can continue doing your work, etc. Make the heart of the soul continue to remember the Father while your hands continue to work. Those who love each other continue to work while their intellects are connected to one another; here too, your intellects must be connected with the One who makes us the owners…

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