Soul Answers: 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Consciousness

This blog is called:  Enlightened Answers~Wisdom from the Source~ and is based on elevated knowledge for all souls of all religions.  What a wonder that there can be universal knowledge from up above that all souls can benefit from.  This knowledge is very much for the present time.  Anyone can come and study it.  However if a soul isn’t contemplating with love the Source of this knowledge and remembering  the One Supreme Teacher, Parent, Friend, and Guide in his heart, it will be difficult to absorb, retain, and practice the essence of these teachings.  Being in Silence with the Beloved One will make all the difference.

The first “Exercise”  helps you check in with your Self and your relationship with the Highest on High.


Consider yourself to be a soul, a sparkling point of light, radiating from your forehead. This is who you are.  You are a child of the Mother/Father God.  Like that One, your original essence is Peace, Love, Truth, Joy, Power, Bliss, Contentment, Humility, Self-respect, Generosity, Happiness, and Non-attachment.  Contemplate upon the virtue which is your greatest strength.  Do this twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes, first thing upon waking up and last thing before you fall asleep.  The power of the subconscious mind is strongest at those times.  You can do this ‘exercise’ in the comfort of your bed!  It will reap great fortune!  A fortune from which no one or nothing can separate you.


Let in the Light~Golden

Reflect upon the areas of life in which you have perfect faith in the Beloved Parent God.  Bask in this faith, praise the beauty of your connection with the Creator. Now shift into the awareness of circumstances, situations, and areas of life in which your faith is not as strong.  Where, in truth, you may have very little faith that the Mother/Father God is there for you.  Go deep into this awareness until you emerge with the feeling and knowingness of how to  develop a more complete faith and trust of the Bestower of Happiness, the Remover of Sorrow.  Be patient with yourself.

This may mean that you must reassess and release wrong beliefs and ideas about the very nature of the Beloved.  Many souls have been wrongly taught that God is the One who Gives and also the One who Takes Away.  Due to this erroneous belief, the Mother/Father God has been blamed for all the sorrows that we experience in life.

A truthful realization is that sorrow comes as a result of the Law of Karma.  The loving Parent God can not intervene between you and your wrong actions.  Wrong thoughts, words, and deeds will always reap sorrow and hardship. These do not come because of punishment from God; they come to balance your karmic account.  Blaming our “karma” on someone else, on God, or on bad luck is avoiding the role we play as creators of our own karma, be it good karma or adverse karma.

Simply remember: “As I sow,  so shall I reap”

With that said, if unhappy situations or regrets about things you have said or done arise in your conscience/consciousness  during meditation/remembrance/contemplation upon the benevolence of the Mother/ Father God, offer that to the Heart of Love of the Beloved One.  You will not be judged or condemned, instead 1/2 of the karmic return of that action can be forgiven by the Beloved Benefactor.

The true benefactor only does good, wants good, and wishes good for His/Her Children.

Based on the Law of Karma, 1/2 of the payback for wrong thoughts, words, and deeds can be removed when we honestly look at them, let them go, and surrender them into the heart of love of the Benevolent One.  This is the wonder of this special time of settling karma.


Baba and Woman

Go into the depth of the following thought 5 times a day.  “THERE IS GOODNESS IN LIFE.  GOD IS BENEVOLENT, AND ALL WILL BE WELL.”    Watch for any resistance that you may have to this thought.  Your resistance will teach you what you need to work on.

Enjoy these 3 exercises and the eternal reward they will reap.  You will develop strength, resilience, and unshakable faith in the One Who Has Never Stopped Loving You.

These exercises, when practiced every day, over a long period of time, will make you so spiritually strong, your faith will move mountains and you will realize that the living consciousness that is you, the soul is eternal  and that there is an eternal bond of love that exists between you, the Soul, and the Supreme Soul.

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Feel free to share your experiences here in the comments section or

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I will be so happy to hear from you…whether you are sharing  your success or your stumbling blocks; all will be held in utmost confidence and blessings will be sent your way.

I will respond in writing to encourage and support you spiritually. For we are on this journey together.

Wishing you Unlimited Peace and Love that is at the Heart of every Soul,

Shivalaya aka Donna D’Alessio


Help yourself by being faithful to these exercises; they will strengthen you, the soul, to help your friends and family too!!!

Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom

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