Purity of Being Brings Peace

Dadi Janki in  “Inside Out” writes:


“It is as though God, who is truth, gives me the aim of making my life truthful and valuable like a diamond. As I move towards this goal, my thoughts and feelings become very light.  I feel like a free spirit, still part of this world, but not bound by it.

I can fly, like an angel, in the service of humanity.

Before there can be such complete truth in my life, there has to be purity.

Purity underpins the entire process of restoring truth into my character and relationships.

Purity enables me to make my thoughts and actions free from the negativity, waste, and weakness that were created when I  lost the understanding of myself as a spiritual light, and thought of myself only as the offspring of my physical parents and circumstances…

Purity and truth are different states.  Purity means free of impurities. Truth means whole, without deception or falsehood. I wouldn’t say a glass of water was true, but I would want it to be pure…

When thought is pure, it enables my life to be truthful and valuable and my potential as a human being to be fulfilled. Purity clears a path for truth. It makes space inside my mind for truth to be experienced.

In fact, originally the soul is truth, so when I clean my mind of thoughts and desires that cause disturbance, I can begin to comprehend and recognize truth and appreciate its value in my life.

I am a child of God


Purity within the soul is essential for peace. When purity is lacking in even the slightest way, there cannot be peace.

Love, too, cannot remain true and honest if physical desires are mixed in with it.

Some may think they have peace in their lives, and others that they have love. But if purity is not there also, there can’t be contentment…

When I embrace purity in my life, it serves to finish all traces of the physical from my thinking.  Of course, a human being has a body, but the point of purity is to become free of the hold that the body has on my consciousness.

This is what allows me to become an angel.

When someone really understands this, and puts it into practice in their life with honesty and the power of truth, that is wisdom.

Purity comes through relationship and connection with God. Without the power of this connection, there cannot be complete purity.

Lotus on Blue Water

In the role of Purifier, God extracts the impurity that has infiltrated the soul. Since the very nature of the soul is truth, with purity you are able to experience that truth.

God gives us knowledge of our original state of purity… but the knowledge is not just information for the intellect ; it is a deep and beautiful experience.

When you make this connection, you are able to taste the sweetness of real love, like nectar. This sweetness draws out the poison and it is as though you awaken to what is real within you and around you.


Peace comes. The heart feels so comforted.

For a long time, it hasn’t been in human consciousness that it is possible to experience such peace, love, and happiness – such reality. The peace, love, and happiness that come as a result of purity are filled with truth.

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It is said that information is power. In a limited sense, that may be true. When we can access information about how things work, they become useful to us.

But spiritual knowledge requires much, much more than information. To have the power to absorb it and use it, we need purity.

The essence of spiritual knowledge is very simple. It is to know who we really are, as souls; that our original home, the ground of our being (as opposed to our doing), is non-material; and that this home is also where we connect with the Supreme Soul. However, without inner purity, the connection is weak and power does not accumulate. So, it is essential to give ourselves time to really understand what purity is.

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The Supreme, makes us aware of the truth and beauty He contains. In connection with this One, we understand that this is what we were also; this is our truth, and the process starts of becoming that again

When you absorb this knowledge and awareness inside, it’s like digesting food…When you take the right things into yourself spiritually, the right understanding, the right practice, the nectar of relationship and connection with the Divine, all the rubbish is extracted. Then there is purity…

The true peace of God, the peace and understanding that taste so sweet, that give so much strength and wisdom, will only stay within where there is purity. Purity makes your mind and intellect like gold. It’s not just peace of mind that is needed…it’s the strength that comes from having attained victory over the impurities which destroyed your peace…There needs to be the certainty and conviction, ‘I’ve done it!’ Within that victory, there is the power to adopt truth even to the extent of not remembering that the impurities ever existed. They become literally unthinkable. There is no place for them in you any more.

That is when you become immune to outside influence. …Self-respect fully returns, and you become fearless and free of animosity.

You are not worried, angry, or defensive about someone else’s weakness.

Only purity gives such imperishable peace.

When there is purity, your peace will never be disturbed. Never!

Purity enables peace to sit inside you, to become at home inside you. Then what you give out becomes naturally loving and peaceful, filled with the quality of purity.”

Let in the Light~Golden

2 thoughts on “Purity of Being Brings Peace

  1. Thank you so much for sending this to me Sister Shivalaya. Dadi Janki’s wonderful words of wisdom. Said so simply, yet as a new Brahmin sister, the depth of what Dadi has spoken about becoming so pure, is not so simple. To truly clear myself of all the impurity’s within is going to take such Patience, strength, courage and determination. Dadi has really empowered even more to do so. To continue on this Beautiful yet extremely, challenging journey, will take Time And Patience. In the first instance to truly Love yourself, is paramount. Something this Sister at this time struggles with, but understands this is an impurity in itself. Many many layers of impurities, to even start to begin to become any where near as pure as Dadi Janki.
    Thank you Baba for giving us Dadi, Beautiful Angel of wisdom and Knowledge. Thank you to you and Sisters Deborah and Veejay for all your beautiful reading of the Murli and wisdom and knowledge too. Thank you Baba for guiding me here to home. To our Family of Beautiful Souls. So, so Blessed. Wah Baba. 💎🙏💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Baba has chosen you sweet sister and brought you Home and to our sweet family of souls! As a soul, you have been specially picked by the One who has never, ever stopped loving you!…that alone can give us such a big shot of self-respect! I will share more with you by email, personally! Babafull Love, Always, Sister Shivalaya

      Liked by 1 person

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