Deepening Your Meditation Will Improve Your Life AND Improving Your Life Will Deepen Love & Peace in Your Meditations

                                                                Deepening Your Meditation

Throughout the day, watch your thoughts.  As your meditation process becomes firmly ingrained in your life and you can easily slip into the awareness of being the “detached observer, you will find that observing your thoughts becomes more natural. When you recognize that you are creating thoughts or feelings that are negative or wasteful, remind yourself that you are a peaceful and powerful soul and the creator of your own experience. 

Give your mind a powerful/loving thought to ponder, not only while you are sitting for meditation, but also while you go about your day. Exercise your right as a self-sovereign soul to choose the thoughts you create.

This simple process will enhance your meditation later on in the day.  Holding thoughts such as “I am a peaceful soul” or “I am a loving soul using my  divinity to complete this task” will actually carry over into your ability to create and sustain  peaceful, positive streams of thought in your  meditations.

Have faith in yourself, that you are the rudder of your ship, guided by the the Highest on High with whom you have connected during your inner contemplations and “remembrance” of that One.

Just as your remembrance  empowers your ability to be peaceful, to make good decisions, to act from  self-respect, and to respond rather than react while engaged in life, so your awareness while engaged in life can impact your meditation when you remember the true, elevated thoughts  that make you feel good about yourself. 

Chances are if you are experiencing obstacles during meditation,  it is because you are experiencing stress during the day due to contemplating negative thoughts and feelings. 

When you notice this, challenge those negative thoughts, stop them, turn yourself around, and give yourself the chance to regroup your thoughts to create a better feeling and thinking mode.  This will make moving into a meditative state easier whenever you choose.  

As we grow in self-love and self-respect, it is easier to move forward in all areas of life, including spiritually.meditating-on-rocks

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