Why do You Meditate? Imagine finding a Well of Unlimited Inner Peace and Silence

Imagine how it feels when peace arises from the depths of your soul.

Where do you begin when you wish to turn inward?  Do you have a well worn path that brings you into the nourishment of silence easily?  Or do you find that there are many distractions such as dead end trails of thought patterns and uncomfortable feelings that must be weeded out and surrendered first?

In these times, when many feel overwhelmed, meditation is gaining in popularity. However, where do you turn and what do you find when you wish to enter your inner sanctum?

The only reason I ask such an intimate question is that I have found some solutions which I gratefully share with others.  Think of me as a helpful guide in facilitating your process of letting go, gently surrendering all that may be in the way of truly remembering who you are.  I help point you inward to the seat of the soul; this kind of meditation guidance poises you for success and self respect.

Here is a sample of how to begin.

Start to relax, let go and wind down by connecting with the rhythmic pattern of your own breath…deep inhalations and deep exhalations. Use your breath to breathe in to areas of tension and pain that have collected in the body. Starting out this way helps the body to let go and thereby free the attention of you, the soul, the inner consciousness, to begin the process of clearing and surrendering any bothersome thoughts and images, as well as unproductive thought patterns that stem from the subconscious that may have been triggered by some conversation or interaction during the day.  It is very beneficial to surrender such interference so that you the soul may experience your innate state of peace and your naturally loving state.


Turn your intention inward to the center of your forehead; see yourself as a point of  light,  radiating brilliantly like a star or a diamond.

(Hold this awareness of the Self for 2 minutes).

Now using the power of the mind, let your thoughts focus on limitless Divine light,.

(Hold this awareness of being immersed in Light for 2 minutes).

Be receptive to this Limitless Light.   Feel how this powerful, loving current is embracing you in deep peace.  This peace is filled with silence, the silence that is in the center of every soul.

When we transcend the physicality of the body and the senses, we can experience our own unlimited nature, our eternalness.  This is a very liberating experience and often something very new to the soul.  For so long, the soul has identified with being a body that this experience of it’s Self has been lost.

 Such experiences of the true Self never leave you the same. Once tasted, you will want to dip back into the awareness of who you truly are for longer and longer periods of time…a free, peaceful, silent, loving, and blissful being of light.

When you return, notice what has changed. You  may notice you have gained energy and enthusiasm and that your inner resource of peace has been awakened.

As you continue your experiments in meditation, know that connecting with the self and then the Source of Light is the method for regaining inner powers of the soul such as acceptance, loving tolerance, the capacity to let go easily,  intuitive understanding, discrimination, fearless courage, humility, and more.  With daily practice, you will attain a renewed sense of cooperation with all there is.


“The Power of Love”

The Power of Love by Simone Boger came highly recommended by a sweet sister I met at Anubhuti Retreat Center in Novato, California, this summer.

She and I came to know each other as we spent early morning hours in meditation, afternoons with a Great Yogi, and  evenings singing, as we washed mountains of pots and dishes.

Chapter one called THE ONE begins by honoring Divine Love with the following verse:

Free Love

“By all means they try to hold me secure,

those who love me in this world.

But it is otherwise with Your Love

which is greater than theirs,

for You keep me free.

Lest I forget them, they never venture to leave me alone.

 But day after day pass by

and You are not seen.

 If I do not call upon You, if I do not keep You in my heart,

Your Love for me keeps waiting for my love.”

                                                                                    by Rabrindath Tagore

From: The Power of Love by Simone Boger~

Love is the greatest force in existence; it is the heartbeat of life.  It is the most elevated flow of feelings and the purest energy within our souls.

 It simultaneously radiates and attracts, transforming whatever it meets, melting or washing up areas of darkness. No wonder all of us wish to remain in the bliss of this experience.  And it is the arena of relationships where we are most likely to seek it.

Yet, the more we humans modernize, the less available heartfelt, spontaneous love seems to be.

 Have we missed some point along the journey or is this just the expected outcome of the values and interests of a material age? 

For ages, spiritual love has been the focus and fuel of mystical experiences.  This is the kind of love that is unlimited and leaves us with a sense of fulfillment that is nourishing and empowering…  We must learn to dive deeply in order to emerge with the jewels that are  found beneath the surface.

Boger’s spiritual journey and meditation practice  is focused on “experiences based on knowledge/knowing, rather than on devotional practices.  She proclaims that: Once the flame of the soul has been ignited, the love of the spirit keeps burning in the heart. The quest was long, yet the needs of the spirit were finally met. I now know that meeting the Beloved is the path itself.” {p16 Boger}

In a straightforward manner she states that: “The One I understand and experience as the Highest Being is a pure, peaceful, powerful consciousness, with no human form/ physical or subtle.  No head, arms, or legs; just a point-form of conscious light.

 She goes on to say: Because life through the physical senses has become so deeply rooted in our nature, we have lost the art of experiencing pure awareness.  

Gods’s love and kindness manifests in waves of rarefied, subtle light and feelings.  To catch them, we need to tune our minds first.

She quotes from Dadi Janki:

It is the inner eye that sees God.

The physical eyes cannot see Him.

It is the eye of experience that knows and recognizes the One.

And it is the heart that wishes to stay in His company

and let Him guide our life.

Boger continues:

Like us, God is also a soul, who is perfectly capable of hearing and responding to our inner feelings.  

Being pure consciousness, without a body means our communication with this One has to happen on another level…

Because His/Her part is played so silently, this Beloved often seems to be out of reach.  This is why we need to learn to delve into this Supreme Soul’s subtlety.  This has in fact been at the basis of ancient yoga and all mystical paths.  

The meditative experience is essential, for it allows us to transcend, even if temporarily, the density and limitations of corporeal existence.

 Though meditation has gained in popularity, it is still not practiced on a large scale. Ours is a world that thrives on activity and its results.   Meditation means we put ourselves in a quieter and more receptive mode.

Extraordinary experiences may be just around the corner, but they require an internalized approach to life.

I love the next chapter called:  Getting The Vibes

The Supreme Being has a mind that is always constant, emanating vibrations of the highest frequency.  These vibrations reach us as waves of subtle, yet potent energy, originating in the Beloved’s pure and loving “heart”.  To catch and absorb this penetrating power, we need to have a basic understanding of spiritual reality and its laws.

Connecting with or remembering the One (communion)  is a matter of feelings and is therefore very personal.  Still, there is a method for tuning in directly to the One’s frequency, which works like operating a radio.  If you only have an AM radio, you cannot expect to tune in to FM stations.  

To tune in to a more refined mind wave, we require a refinement of our own thoughts and feelings, which means we need to select and at times filter what we constantly feed our minds.  Whatever thoughts we radiate continue to create and sustain our energy field, impacting the self and other minds.

Whether we are conscious of this or not, we constantly create an atmosphere around us through our thought waves.  

Now imagine the Supreme’s thoughts as the highest, purest vibrations traveling across this vast Universe.  Clearly our inner chatter, the AM radio, will not be able to catch this One’s frequency.  Have you ever seen an image of ordinary thought patterns measured in the brain by an EEG?

So, it is a question of giving some attention to refining our thoughts, and this requires some effort.  To tune in to powerful waves of peace and love and make the most of the experience, we need to upgrade our energy first..  To do this, we have to bring some lightness into our being, even if only a little, and especially while in the middle of chaos.

 In terms of tuning in, we are the ones who have to do it first.

The Beloved is happy with the slightest effort we make in His/Her direction. One step from us and the Beloved will walk all the way to meet us.  … All we need is to remember that One with sincerity, patience, and depth.

This refinement of our physical and mental energies creates inner stability.  We become open to creating thoughts and feelings that are purely related to nurturing our deep self and others.  

It means consciously producing the good wishes we expect others to have.  This changes our vibrations.  

The purer our thoughts, the lighter and stronger we feel.  The more peace, joy, and kindness we experience, the easier it is for our mental fields to be free and powerful enough to catch higher spiritual vibrations.  

It is a  question of like attracting like.  

This aim of loving remembrance exists at the heart of all faiths and is also the basis of spiritual yoga.  

It is this loving, receptive attitude that can bring us a multitude of qualities and experiences directly from the Source.

Love is the attraction and the purpose of a relationship with the Divine.

“The Power of Love” by Simone Boger (part 1)


The Power of Love begins with a quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin from his book called~Toward the Future:

“Some day, after mastering winds, waves ,tides, and gravity; we shall harness for God the energy of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

As I read this book, I was moved by Boger’s description of a poignant experience and description of God as the Divine Mother/Divya Mata:

“There are times we feel our lives are not what we expected.  

It is as if the external world does not match our innermost needs, or maybe we are not to use our capacities and talents as we would have wished.  It can be frustrating, especially when it occurs over a long period of time.

This is often the cause behind depression, a lack of self-esteem and more severe illnesses.

We may think this is part of life, and accept that most people are suffering in one form or another from deprivation or loss. Economic crises and civil wars are currently triggering it collectively.  It is difficulat to talk about inner comfort with those who do not have a piece of bread.  It is at such moments that we most need peace, love, and acknowledgement.

There is no easy way to present God as the Mother, because words cannot convey her warmth and compassion or her attempts to save her children from suffering.  When we’re in any relationship with God, the One is always present anyway, and there is never a cold shoulder from the Divine One’s side.  

In the form of the Mother, she is always there, welcoming us with the vibrations and vision of sustenance.

The Mother knows the causes behind life’s events, for just like the Father, her vision penetrates time.  Because she knows the invisible roots of situations, our failures or weaknesses do not color her vision but are seen rather as temporary and perfectly conquerable.  

Her task is to give unconditional support and help in our healing and transformation... God as the Mother empowers us with presence.  

Maybe this is the reason why in India the divine feminine is symbolically shown in the form of powers-as shaktis.  There are a number of archetypes of goddesses who in fact personify spiritual attainments that can be received through meditation.

Knowing who we are and how we feel, God never underestimates our capability of overcoming obstacles and developing further.  As the Divine Mother, she takes care of our internal needs through supportive vibrations, making sure we know how to access Her Power and put things right inside so that everything else can fall into place.

When I think of the many experiences of God as my parents, I remember a time when I was gently led through a very big situation.  The Motherly face became clearly manifested over that entire period and especially on one particular day when, sitting in a mediation room, I experienced God’s “tears’ for me.

I know that at this point people may, justifiably, think this is all imagination or plain nonesense.  Yet, though not physical, the kind of heartfelt empathy I received was almost tangible.  

That experience formed an unbreakable bond between Mother and child.  It also became an important lesson in my own understanding of God’s role, because those “tears” came after a very intense period of the Mother trying to save the child from sorrow. From then on,

I learned to accept the fact that even though God is limitless in many ways, natural laws rule the show down here.

While the Father wishes for us to develop a higher form of reasoning so that we can succeed in our endeavors, the Mother is happy expressing her unbounded love and nurturing.  She cannot bear to see the weaknesses of those she loves.  This is the purity of her heart.  

Seeing the present world situation, Her desire is for Her children not to scatter their energies in useless circumstances and obstacles, but to learn how to make their present and future elevated. {p63-65,Boger}

For more from this beautiful book, see “The Power of Love”, part 2.