Why do You Meditate? Imagine finding a Well of Unlimited Inner Strength, Grace, Silence, and Love

 Imagine how it feels when strength stars and white bird                                              arises from the depths of your soul.

Where do you begin when you wish to turn inward?  Do you have a well worn path that brings you into the nourishment of silence easily?  Or do you find that there are many distractions, dead end roadways of thought patterns, and uncomfotable feelings that must be weeded out, surrendered first?

In these times, when many feel overwhelmed, meditation is gaining in popularity. However, where do you turn and what do you find when you wish to enter your inner sanctuum?

The only reason I ask such an intimate question is that I have found some solutions which I gratefully share with others.  Think of me as a helpful guide in facilitating your process of letting go, gently surrendering all that may be in the way of truly remembering who you are.  I help point you inward to the seat of the soul; this kind of meditation guidance poises you for self respect and success.  Here is a sample commentary of how we can begin.

After a few minutes of connecting with the rhythmic pattern of our own breath and using this breath to release tension in all the areas of the physical vehicle  that collect and store tension, we are ready to begin clearing out and surrendering unproductive thought patterns that arise from the subconscious and that have been triggered by some incident, conversation, or interaction during the day.  I will help you to surrender such interference with your peace and your naturally loving state.


to be continued

Turning your intention inward to the center of your forehead, see yourself as a point of  light,  radiating brilliantly like a star or a diamond.(hold this awareness for 2 minutes).

Now using the power of the mind, let your thoughts focus on God’s light, (even for 2 minutes). Be receptive to this Limitless Love.  Trust that this powerful, loving current will pull you closer and embrace you in quiet peace, then gradually feel yourself slip into deep silence.  Having gone beyond the senses, brings you in touch with your eternalness, which is full of light and might.  This is the highest stage, the greatest experience of power one can possibly have.

 Such experiences never leave you the same.

When you return, things have changed, you have acquired something; you have gained energy, enthusiasm.  Inner powers within the subconscious mind have reawakened.  Just in time to get you through life in this stormy time.

As you continue your experiements in meditation, know that connecting with the Source is the method for regaining other inner powers like acceptance, loving tolerance, the capacity to let go, deep understanding, profound discrimination, courage, gratitude, humility, and  a renewed sense of cooperation with all there is.

“It all comes back to us-to be empowered and exercise authority in a new way.  You are now in the hands of God, who says remember me and you will receive power-Use it wisely.” {Boger, The Power of Love, p. 98-99}

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