Discovering Happiness

We are Happy!

Remembering the Blessings!

Reviewed on October 1, 2016 and again on October 2, 2017.

The following blessings were noted in a journal many moons ago.  As I read them again today, I am blessed anew.  I am reminded of the benefits of keeping priorities straight and using the magic mantra~”Be mine in your mind, Remember Me alone”~Manmamabhav

January 5, 2015

I receive this Blessing:  You are the one who receives a great joy when you enable others to rise, shine, and soar.  By putting others first and letting go of all desires for yourself, you have won the heart of all, and you have become a World Benefactor.

January 6, 2015

You are the one whose luminous presence gives hope to the hopeless and courage to the disheartened.  Your light dissolves the weaknesses of souls and ignites the flame of power within.

January 7, 2015

Blessing:  With your stock of happy and Godly thoughts, you finish the stock of wasteful words and actions.  Because of this your spirituality fills the atmosphere with power and electrifies souls with the current of the Divine.

January 8, 2015

I receive this Blessing: You are the one, with magical eyes, who sees the beauty and speciality of each soul.  This vision unites the gathering and infuses every heart with a sense of belonging.

January 9, 2015

I receive this Blessing:  You are a child of the Bestower whose hands, heart, and mind flow with the riches of the Divine.  Because of this , desire has dissolved and the stamp of being a child of the Bestower is imprinted on your soul for all time.

January 10, 2015

The Beloved gives me this Blessing:  You have become a detached observer who strolls through each moment with a Beautiful Companion who all souls have sought through time.  Because of this, you sing the song of your fortune and bubble with joy in this Diamond Age.

January 12, 2015

Blessing:  You are the one who breaks free of the cage of bondages by letting go of the word “mine” and  flies like an angel through Godly skies.  Give this Blessing to the world.  From a caged bird, you have become an angel who soars with the wings of freedom, light, and love as you let go of the word “my” (mine) i.e. my pain, my body, my house, my car, my idea, etc,

January 13, 2015

The Beloved gave me this Blessing:  You are a perfect yogi.  You continue to smile and sing songs of wonder knowing that the greatness of sorrow is how it allows our days of happiness to come.

January 14, 2015

He blesses me with this Blessing:  You benefit yourself and shine with the Glow of God’s Light.  Because of this you remove the illness of spiritual disheartentment in all souls.  Your example infuses them with faith and inspires them to rise to their soul’s heights.

January 15, 2015

He blesses me with this:  Just as 1 drop of water cannot penetrate waterproof material, God’s Love has made you “mayaproof”.  No illusion or attraction can penetrate the barrier of this eternal and altruistic love.

January 16, 2016

He blesses me with this Blessing:  With the magic mantra of Remembrance, you can achieve whatever you wish.  By keeping this mantra in your awareness constantly, you achieve boundless success and a future beyond your wildest dreams.

Mantra= Be mine in your mind, Remember Me alone.

January 17, 2016

Blessing from Above:  You see yourself as special and only speak of the specialty of others.  Because of this you radiate Godly Royalty and fill the hearts of those you know with Dignity and Divinity.

Also began the “Happiness Project” with these words~

“I move through life with lightness and beauty.  I accept compliments and insults with humility and acceptance.  As a master I will be happy in all that I do.”

Start by being cool, introverted, and very cautious.


Message to self on January 19, 2015

It is a wonder that when I maintain a changeless sense of who I am, real change takes place within and without, in ease and grace!

It was during this time of blessings, noted, that a piece called:  ‘And the Mountain said Yes’ came through.  It is shared on another page of this blog of spiritual mementos.  Enjoy,  be nourished, and remember your blessings!!!








Is Happiness an Emotion or an Innate Attribute of Your Soul?

Baba and Woman

Aristotle left happiness out of his writing about emotions?  Do you know why?  He concluded that happiness isn’t an emotion, but the result of living a life based on virtue.

When we live our life according to what we value, happiness automatically follows!  As Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests in her book on happiness, there are 12 “values” to focus on to be happy.  All 12 are important topics that every “mindful parent, teacher, businesswoman, and human being” would do well to consider thoughtfully and to implement.

In this short article, we will jump to the 9th topic called: “practicing spirituality”.  Firstly…here are all 12:

  • nurture relationships
  • do activities that truly engage you
  • savor life’s joys
  • count your blessings
  • practice kindness
  • cultivate optimism
  • take care of your body
  • develop coping strategies
  • practice spirituality
  • avoid over-thinking and comparison
  • forgive
  • commit to your goals

Every person has a right to their own religious or spiritual path to give them ways to fill up with peace and love.  Slowing down to find peace in the beauty of a sunrise or sunset,  in the special fragrance of a rose, or even taking a few quiet moments in the morning between you and that cup of tea or coffee is a start.

It is a worthwhile use of your time to fill the self with peace, and to stop and smell the roses!

Here’s yet another way to fill yourself with peace. I’m sure you can all agree as to how wonderful it is when the rays of the sun land upon your back or your face on a cold, windy day.  Well, in a similar way, it is possible to absorb the invisible rays or current of peace from the spiritual Source of Light when you would like a lift.

Start by visualizing your Self (the part of you that is inside and invisible) as a point of light sitting in the center of your forehead; then visualize the Source of Light as a point of light, also.

Breathe in this light which contains everything you need to restore your own peace and spiritual power. Concentrate on the light and peace entering your mind and your heart for 5 to 10 minutes every day, preferably in the morning before you become involved in other things. Let this become a habit!

As each day passes, you will feel a closer and deeper connection with the powerful rays of light and peace entering you.

Take in this light and peace each morning and in the evening, before sleep, record a few things you are grateful for.  Watch how your inner and outer worlds begin attracting more and more light and peace and positivity.  Like attracts like.

Share from this new reservoir of peace and light and watch it create wonders in those around you.  Become a lighthouse of overflowing peace.