A Great Mahatma Speaks about the Power of Faith and the Inner World

Mahatma is not a position, it is a state of being.”

The power of faith in the self allows the soul to stay stable and steady; to keep moving even when I think that no one is looking at me or noticing what I’m doing. Really there is no need to look for recognition or praise. All I have to do is just continue to become worthy through purposeful actions. Love us automatically engendered in others for me as a result of my good actions. I receive blessings from others in the form of pure wishes and I am seen as a humble instrument.

Each of us has our inner world which we are creating inside ourselves. Become a detached observer to see what type of a world you have created for yourself.

The types of thoughts you have, are the indication of the type of world you are creating inside yourself. Whatever feelings are in your heart create the atmosphere of your inner world. If you are influenced by someone, or suppressed by someone, then that is like an invasion of your world. The best way to insure the security and protection of your inner world is to invite the Higher Power in. The more time you give to sit with the One, the more the Higher Power comes into your world. If you invite anyone else into your inner world, then the Higher Power goes away. This One is the Comforter of Hearts. We must keep the temple of our hearts clean, so the Supreme can come and rest in our hearts.

8 Inspired Reasons to Turn Within

great space for meditation


  1. When I stop looking to the world outside for fulfillment, I can begin to draw upon the amazing inner resources of love, wisdom, and happiness that emerge when I attend to my inner world.
  2. When I realize the significance of this turning away from the outside to develop a taste for going within, I can truly understand and practice what it means to “consider myself to be a soul”.
  3. Since what I focus upon colors my consciousness,  I am inspired to conquer the many pulls of Maya upon my intellect, which means all the distractions that can come up  when I wish to contemplate the deeper, subtle levels of truth.
  4. To turn within I practice sitting quietly and withdrawing my thoughts from the outside world. This includes the pulls of the body, possessions, and people. Then I’m able to focus on my inner identity, the spiritual aspect of the self which is pure light, like a sparkling star.  This point of light, pure consciousness, is situated behind the eyes, and is I, the soul, the navigator of this brain and body.  In some spiritual traditions, this point of awareness is remembered as the third eye.
  5. Opening the third eye is like opening a window to another world. Even while situated here in the body, I am able to take my thoughts far beyond this physical universe, into a realm of peace and stillness. I understand this realm to be my original home, home of all souls, including the home of the Supreme Soul.  I think of that One as also being like a point or a star, dimensionless, but radiant with the power of truth, unlimited and eternal.

sparking soul6.  In Dadi Janki’s words, the 103 year old yogi who is the administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris, and who has been practicing Raja Yoga Meditation since she was 19 years old…”As my consciousness reaches this incorporeal awareness and stage, it then becomes possible to develop a relationship with God.  This takes me to a higher level of energy inside.

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7. Every time I remember God, the relationship between us deepens.  It’s such a  beautiful discovery, that I can visit the Supreme Soul whenever I want, internally…when I leave on one side all my worldly relationships and connections, I experience all God’s qualities and powers.

8.   I recharge, filling with this energy of truth that is also my own truth…When I return to my responsibilities in the physical world after recharging in this way, I find I can easily and naturally keep a positive frame of mind.”                              (pp.41-42/Janki)

open your third eye and see