8 Inspired Reasons to Turn Within

  When I stop looking to the world outside for fulfillment, I can begin to draw upon the amazing inner resources of love, wisdom, and happiness that emerge when I attend to my inner world. When I realize the significance of this turning away from the outside to develop a taste for going within, I can [...]

How to Use Your Subtle Power

There are 2 subtle powers within every human soul which are the basis of the secret to success in life.  It is on the basis of these two powers that your life either moves forward or not. These 2 subtle powers cannot be measured by material instruments for they are powers that exist within the invisible, spiritual [...]

Everything Happens for a Reason…

  It's  time to really understand how one moves ahead in this journey of the soul. I'm braced by the awareness that everything that happens is a blessed arrangement of the cosmic drama to awaken, polish, and shine up the sparkle of who I truly am. Welcomed insights keep seeping into my daily meditations about [...]