Reality is NOT What You Perceive through the Physical Senses~

Red luminous heartLove is the gateway to Faith.  All things are possible for those who love God!

Reality is not what you perceive through the physical senses.  It is not what you think you understand through the specialized lens of your education.

The  way to true reality is to go within.

All ten commandments are contained within the first two.   Thou shall love thy God with all they heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength, and with all thy mind and Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.

Love, actually is a fulfillment of the law. If you love others, you do not want to hurt them, lie to them, or cause them sorrow of any kind.  Love is the key and love is the law.  It is love that releases us from bondage of any kind. When you love someone, you do not see their faults, imperfections, or bad habits. You only see their goodness; you see them as the Beloved sees them.

To be detached is to be loving.   To be detached does not mean that you are distant and cold, it means that you rise above and beyond the shortcomings of others.  To be both detached and loving allows you to see people as wonderful, beautiful, healthy, good, and most of all, changing!

“By saying that someone is very good, they will become good.  By saying that they are weak, they become weak.  If they are already weak to begin with and then someone says it, they will become unconscious.  No matter how unconscious they may be, you should teach them about the life giving herb of an elevated consciousness, the consciousness of their own speciality (specialness).  Then the unconscious ones will become alive again…Keep a mirror of their specialties in front of you.  They have simply forgotten their specialties at this time… By reminding them, they will become special souls. And the more you speak about their specialties, the more they will realize their weaknesses.  You will not need to make them realize.  If you tell someone their weaknesses, they will try to hide it and hide from it.  They will say, “I am not like this”.  If you speak about specialties, they will realize their weakness on their own.  And until they realize their weaknesses, they cannot transform them, even if they make effort for 50 years.”    Murli 2/20/86

Love is the gateway.  Become like the Almighty Beloved.  “He/She is a very simple teacher.  Worldly teachers punish children, but this One only gives love.  He/She says: Sweet children, remember Me and become pure.”    Murli 6/19/00

Love is the way.


what we think what we are

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