The Only Barrier to Your Happiness is the Quality of Your Thoughts…

You are a Point of Light

“Free Yourself from Mental Slavery”is my favorite “Bob Marlyism.

The Highest on High Spiritual Father blesses us with: “Become a Bestower of Liberation and be free from the limitation of your own mind, free from the bondage of negative thoughts.”

The only barrier to your happiness

is the quality of your own thoughts

and the habit of seeing other’s faults and weaknesses.

Be free-Experience the Lightness and Brightness of You, the Soul. This body is oh, so temporary.

To become attached to anything temporary will bring a temporary happiness, with a wake of sorrow, close behind. Retreat into the timeless nature of you, the soul and our original Home far beyond this earth, which will soon be swept completely clean for our New Beginnings.

Your soul has become tired from playing these mortal games and for all the costume changes, lifetime after lifetime. Retreat to your original Purity, your original Happiness, your original Peace.

Remain so full of your original melody of happiness that no tones of sorrow will drown it out!

You are a Being of Light

No longer, out of ego, continually think of the faults of others. Each soul has their own part to play in this eternal drama and is playing it perfectly!

Do not be bound by jealousy, carelessness, or laziness-for this finishes your power of realization. Become free of those subtle bondages and become a liberator of souls who are drowning in despair and weakness.

At this time, the world is governed by a cruel kingdom based on human desires and vices. Everyone has become colored by those vices. They are easy to spot for they are called: anger, greed, lust, ego, and attachment.

The Benevolent One, the Purifier, has come at our darkest hour to establish our original kingdom of True Happiness and True Love. His main direction is to Remember Me, for I will purify you.

Remember your True Self, the self governed by Love and Light. Remember the time when our kingdom was in its full glory. Establish the kingdom within first…feel it in your heart and soul now. Be of faith that it is soon to come, as it once was. Have faith that you are a soul and break the bondages of your body. No longer be a slave of the senses. Become Free, through the pure and positive thoughts of your mind. It is possible-it is the only possibility to return Home in Peace.

WIth thoughts of the Father , the boatman, in your mind, He will take your boat across from this side to the other. Wrapped in Her Light and Love, you will be refreshed, restored, and made new once again.

You no longer belong to this dirty world.

How to Know and Use Your Subtle Powers

exotic flowerThere are 2 subtle powers within every human soul which contain the secret to success in life.  On the basis of your understanding of these two powers, your  life will move forward.  These powers cannot be measured by material instruments for they are powers that exist within the invisible, spiritual dimension of the soul.

The 2 subtle powers essential to success are the mind and the intellect which is also understood as inner knowing or conscience.

Let’s take a  look at the present condition of both the mind and the intellect: as to what their respective functions are, how they differ, and how they can work closely together to create self-mastery, peace, and contentment.

Taking up the subject of mind first – you may already realize the present condition of the mind is problematic. We have all experienced when all you wish for is to unwind, relax, and to have a little ‘peace of mind’ how the mind is anything but cooperative.  Some practices even suggest “killing the mind”.

What will be suggested here is a far cry from killing the mind! Instead let’s approach the mind  to discover how it functions best, for then there is the opportunity for both cooperation and success.  What many do not realize is that the mind is a tool of the soul.  It is not separate from the soul, its job is to assist the soul’s expression as a generator of thoughts and ideas!

So, if the mind’s main function is to continuously generate thoughts….then is it doing its job in the best way it possibly can* Unfortunately not,  for in these days of information overload and TMI … (too much information), scientists have found that the mind is generating twice as many thoughts every day, then it used to.  To make matters worse, most of these thoughts are repetitive and not even in our field of awareness!  No wonder at the end of a day, we often feel exhausted mentally.

The mind is also where emotions, desires, and sensations pop up.

What is missing from this job description of the mind is that there seems to be no system for the numbers of thoughts created and worse yet, seemingly, no quality control either!

Several years ago, scientists reported that on average, the human mind was generating 30,000 thoughts a day. Today, however, that has increased to 70,000 thoughts a day.  This more than doubling effect is due to the fact that the speed of life is increasing and the amount of information to be process ed has also increased and continues to increase. In a relaxed mind there are approximately 25 thoughts per minute; when the mind is anxious this can increase to 50 to 60 thoughts per minute.  This speed of thoughts causes the mind and the body to weaken.

It is the weakness of the mind that creates problems… and conversely, the power possible in the mind that creates solutions.

So what is the mechanism to turn this problem around** By what means can we guide the mind to produce energy by consistently generating pure, positive, and powerful thoughts**. Truly, the impact of the enormous power of positive thought has not been fully understood, even though psychology alludes to the power of positive thinking.  Once you learn the secret to guiding the mind, embedded in the soul, you will see how even one pure, powerful thought can perform great wonders.  What is needed to guide the mind is a strong intellect, the second subtle power of the soul.   The intellect is the wise place in the soul – the part of us that knows. It is also the part that in our modern times, has taken a back seat to the mind, which has become so loud. It is time to turn our attention to strengthening the authority of the inner intellect which can serve the mind as the mother holding the hand of her child to keep them both safe.

The mind has become so loud due to trying to operate in a vacuum without holding the hand of the intellect.  No one is to blame. This is due to the law of entropy which states that over time a mechanism just gets worn down and stops functioning as it did when it was in its original state.

Once the knowledge is given, this malfunctioning between the mind and the intellect can be repaired. So let us understand this part of the soul called the intellect  and its importance to our success in meditation and in life.  The intellect is the part of you that has the wisdom to discern and to decide.  These two powers are not contained in the mind.  The mind generates thoughts but does not have the role to discern or to choose.  It is the role of the intellect to guide the mind to which thoughts to contemplate, which to act on, and which thoughts to let go of. The intellect is the mind’s quality control response.  The intellect is able to discriminate between the real truth and the apparent truth, between things of temporary value and those of eternal value, and between the superficial and the subtle. 

When you contemplate upon a true statement of thought with determined concentration, you create energy, awareness, and ultimately success.  You can even create a boundary of pure thoughts for others by thinking positive thoughts about them.  This works like a blessing. For if someone is a little weak, this boundary will become like a canopy of protection for that soul; it will become a means of safety or a fortress.  To create a powerful atmosphere through the spiritual vibrations of your thoughts is a very elevated form of service or karma yoga.power of words

When you think negatively, your mind is weakened and continues to lose power.  Even the body is affected and gets tired and even ill.  Most of us have experienced that if we become angry, the mind becomes extremely tired and the power of concentration is lost.  These are the pitfalls of a mind creating too many low quality thoughts distanced from its ‘mother’ the intellect.

Fast forward to today,  reflect upon the discriminating power and overall condition of the intellect of most souls. You will begin to understand how the intellect’s still, small voice has been ignored by the mind, for quite some time causing the  intellect  to withdraw, take a back seat, and leave the mind to its own devices.

Fact of life, most minds have been left without access to the wisdom and discernment power contained within the intellect.  Once this is recognized, you can begin remedying the situation.

A healthy, strong intellect is meant to guide, direct, and nourish the mind with elevated true thoughts. Since the wisdom of the intellect has been accumulated through experience and experimentation it adds great value to the mind, which lacks true discernment. Quite often, the wisdom of the intellect has come purely as a divine gift.   The wise intellect can heal the mind of obsessive compulsive thoughts, recurring negative thoughts, and untrue, unruly, and excessive thinking.  Therefore, it is very important to restore and strengthen the valuable connection between the mind and the intellect.

Meditation done with the awareness of the intellect’s ability to guide the mind is a way to heal this relationship between the mind and the intellect.

Featured Image -- 6281

Science, psychologists and doctors, for the most part, have not been able to differentiate between the mind and intellect.  As you become more spiritually aware of yourself as a soul living in the body, the brain can be seen as a physical mechanism, like a computer, which the mind and intellect operate.  As you energize and empower your mind and intellect, they will in turn strengthen and re-energize your brain.  This will increase your overall power of concentration and well-being.

Raja Yoga meditation is a powerful, effective, and ancient method  which helps to slow down thoughts from a whopping 50 a minute to a manageable 10 a minute.  What many people who attempt to use meditation for stress reduction don’t realize is that it is not necessary to try to stop thinking; however, it is important for the intellect to select and feed the mind elevating,  truthful, and eternal thoughts!

Through Raja Yoga Meditation, not only is the mind controlled, but the intellect is developed and elevated.  As the intellect is used to assess thoughts, your faculty to understand deepens and your intuition becomes unshakable. Truth is nectar to the soul, for the soul thrives on deep knowledge, understanding, and awareness. Falsehood often comes disguised as truth to test your level of progress.

As the soul awakens, it comes to realize that it is up to I, the soul, to direct and discipline the mind.  As the intellect realizes it is powerful, it becomes sensitive to truth and very selective as to what it fills itself with.

With the awakening of the intellect, its power and abilities are further activated by understanding this knowledge:

I am not the body, 

I am a  non-physical, eternal being of light,

I am the focus of powerful energy, within the body. 

I am sovereign over the physical senses and desires of the body,

I am able to choose only those thoughts that will lead me to experience permanent happiness and contentment, instead of resorting to fleeting fixes.

 Now I know that it is possible to allow only pure thoughts to pass into action. 

With time, awareness, and practice, I become able to reach a state in which my every thought is peaceful and deliberate, rather than tense and anxious.

Lotus message if we master our thoughts, we master our lives

With my intellect awake, and each thought being evaluated before mistakes occur, I am able to achieve actual changes in my life that were impossible before.

During deep Raja Yoga meditation, the mind is soothed, slowed down, and nourished with truth.  This increases the strength and accuracy of the mind.  As your thoughts slow down, and you contemplate upon inner  peace, you will come to the wonderful realization that your natural and original state is peaceful.

You don’t always have to sit for Raja Yoga Meditation.  You can also practice keeping your mind peaceful while moving around. You will come to know a natural state of peace in action.

 Experiment with this by feeding the mind peaceful thoughts while going through your day.

Start with your very first thoughts in the morning.  Feed wise, true thoughts from your intellect to your mind, such as I am a peaceful soul, I am a beloved child of God.  This can slow down the speed of your thinking.  Continue to emerge these wise and beautiful thoughts at least 5 times throughout the day.  The ‘storms of ordinary, negative, and debilitating thoughts’ in the mind will dissipate and eventually finish. Instead, you will feel overflowing love and stability begin to heal your body and mind, as well as your relationships.


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Here is an example of a stream of thoughts to focus your mind and intellect upon.  Bring your awareness to the center of your forehead, the seat of the soul within the body, an  remind yourself who you are:

I am a sparkling point of light, like a star…I am peaceful… Peace is my true nature…through me the vibrations of peace are spreading out…I radiate peace all around me…

I am a loving soul…I am filled with a lot of love…I am a pure being…a child of the universe,  a child of God…I am floating in an Ocean of Love…The Supreme Being who is the Bestower of Happiness is showering me with Divine Love…

That One is also the Ocean of Peace…I am the child of the Ocean of Peace, I am being filled with Peace …my life is a precious gift from God.. I am emerging happiness and bliss. I am in super-sensuous joy.  I am a child of God.  God is mine…I belong to God…and God belongs to me…


I am a child of God

Knowing that you are an unlimited soul makes all the difference in how you think, act, speak, and feel.  It becomes easy to be naturally happy and content every day.

This is a major paradigm shift…the shift that transforms life,  your life and the lives of others.  This is the paradigm shift that transforms our world.

Remember you are a soul whose natural state is one of peace.  You are a peaceful soul.

Easy Raja Yoga Meditation gets you back in touch with your inner state of peace and your inner power.

Om Shantiexotic flower

Doing What’s Good for the Soul to Create Lasting Happiness!


One of the many benefits of meditation is that through daily meditation one carves out time and space away from the drama of life.  This one aspect of switching out of the limited, everyday world of involvements with people, places, and things into the inner world allows the unlimited self to feel into new attitudes, reflections, and perspectives that will color and shape your outer world.  This is an ultimate form of creativity.  This is a space to reflect upon your life goals not just projects, career, and health, but to discern what is your ultimate course for happiness, eternal happiness. What is the highest aim you have for yourself, the soul, the cosmic navigator of your life. What direction will set you on your course for ultimate, everlasting happiness…

A great example of our time is the Dali Lama who says that “kindness is his religion”. This is the rudder of his ship that keeps his thoughts, words, and deeds on course. Your aim or goal may start out as simple as that. Meditation will assist you in staying true to your aim. For as you accumulate time in reflection and meditation, your thoughts will continue to decrease and slow down and you will see what patterns have been set in place that no longer usher you into the right seat.  When this begins to happen, you are in a better place to change the old patterns and create new habits that put you into the seat of self-determination, self-respect, and sovereignty.

At the end of the day –  check inside and see how this day added to or detracted from your feelings of positivity and wellness.  Where were you on course, where did you go off course… What situations, people, or tasks contributed to achieving your aim and which didn’t.  Keep an account, just as a successful business must keep accounts of profit and loss to stay out of the “red”.  Shakespeare said in one of his great plays: “All’s Well that Ends Well”. At the end of every day, ask yourself, did this day add to my account of joy or did it add to my account of sorrow? Use this end of the day reflection as a rudder to gauge what adjustments you can make to create more joy than sorrow tomorrow!  Adjustments usually involve attitude…what attitudes will I cultivate to arrive at my destination at the end of the day successfully…

To be successful at this, you must be willing to see yourself.

Ask yourself, am I willing to look into the mirror of my own heart?

If you are hesitant about looking at yourself…ask yourself another question: would I rather listen to my conscience/heart or to the ego?

Granted, it isn’t always easy to look at ourselves.  It’s much easier to see the faults of others, isn’t it?  Practically speaking, there’s not much chance that you can change anyone else. Therefore you may as well love yourself enough to make the changes in you that will bring joy and contentment.

When you have mercy and love for yourself, it makes it okay to see what mistakes are going on and to share them with a Higher Power, the One who has an overview of the situation and who has your best interests at heart!  Stay honest, clear your heart each night, and see how you will attract a shower of Divine Love and assistance as you open up each night. This kind of love makes the impossible possible.

Talk to yourself sweetly:  assure yourself that “I believe in Love and I believe I can change”.  Then you can do what is good for the soul.   Be willing to let the ego die and do what’s good for the soul!

Doing what is good for the soul can feel like a blow to the ego. In your meditations, practice being the witness, ie. the detached and loving observer. The muscle of awareness or the consciousness of being the observer, the loving witness will become stronger than the ego as it is practiced in meditation.  This awareness is your true power and will begin to be activated and available when you are in action during the day. As you witness yourself as you act through the body,  each day… as you become the observer and the doer at the same time, self-checking becomes automatic and natural.

While each individual’s aim or ultimate goal for themselves will be unique to them, a common denominator for all souls at this time is to reduce the amount of negativity in their lives in favor of creating more positivity.

A simple nightly ritual to help you with this process is to have the determined thought to let go of a weakness that you are aware of and to replace it with a virtue. This ritual can help turn the negative behavior around. For example, if you wish to let go of arrogance and its offshoots, a virtue to replace it with could be sweetness, cooperation, or humility. Rather than focus on the negative feelings and obstacles that arrogance has brought into your day, use your imagination to bring into your feelings what it could feel like to act sweetly, cooperatively, or humbly.

You may even wish to replay a scene from your day which didn’t turn out well.  See yourself replacing the old, weakening behavior pattern that emerged with its opposite…replace the arrogance with humilty, the anger with understanding and care, or the hurt or disappointment with a feeing of empowerment. Enjoy this contemplation.  Anchor in to the new feelings that may emerge, allow new patterns of response to come into play. This is using the same visualisation technique that successful athletes use regularly and frequently before a practice, a game or a match. As well as physically practicing the skills of their sport, successful athletes will also ‘see’ themselves going through the motions in detail. It all happens in the mind first. They see themselves playing the game successfully and then they go out and play to win! This is a great technique that you can use to your advantage during your nightly checking and in morning meditation as you set the tone of the day!

This is a wonderful opportunity to remind yourself that life itself can be seen as a game and that you are a player, an actor who is playing a part.  To play your part well, takes knowledge, love, determination, and lots of practice.  Be gentle and kind with yourself and the other players you encounter in this game of life.

Another end of the day reflection is to recognize what judgments or criticisms you  imposed upon yourself and/or others today .  Also check to see what judgments or criticisms were received by you from others.   In order to sleep with a clean and happy heart, visualise bathing it all away in a pristine pool or under a waterfall. Clean yourself in this way until you are left with only pure feelings of  compassion for yourself and others.

A powerful mantra that can be done seperately or in conjunction with the ‘bathing visualisation is: I am a pure soul and So-and-so (the soul that disturbed you) is also a pure soul.  Repeat it as many times as needed til it feels real and true and your negative thoughts/feelings have been washed away, transformed.

Be creative as you gain ease and success with your nightly ritual.  Take up  different themes.  For example, you may wish to bathe in the Ocean of Contentment and release all uncomfortable, unsatisfying feelings, complaints, and nagging inner voices.  As a soul, you are unlimited.  Whatever you focus upon will increase.  What will it be…contentment or discontentment… love or hurt…the choice is ultimately yours.

Self-checking is about lightning up and feeling great, not about blaming yourself (or others) or feeling guilty.

Let your nightly reflections be your rudder moving you easily to the shores of happiness, lightness, love, well-being and success

5 Ways to Know the Part of You that is Pure and Perfect



There is a part of you that is pure and perfect. Would you like to experience it?

Learn how to reach it and to make time each day to nurture it.  In this exploration of methods  to go beyond your present experience of yourself, you will learn to bring forth your hidden virtues, powers, and talents and to discover the potent mysteries of silence.

For more information, contact Shivalaya via email: donnadalessio@yahoo.com



From A Very High Source: On the Power To Tolerate ~”There Will Be a Sparkle on the Faces of Those Who Are Tolerant”~

the soul speaks to you in quiet moments   My take on what follows is that in essence, ‘to tolerate’ means to have more love to embrace a situation, a person, or even something within your self that you would like to change.  To not be affected negatively by a challenging situation or person, or even your own shortcomings is using the power to tolerate.

“To the extent that you have the power (which comes from the soul) to tolerate, accordingly you receive all the powers from the Almighty Authority.  With the power to tolerate you automatically have the attainment of all virtues.  Those who have the power to tolerate will automatically have…the power to discriminate and the power of depth and maturity.

The power to tolerate is essential.  For the mind there is churning power(contemplation of right thinking) and for the words and actions there is the power to tolerate.  If you have the power to tolerate, whatever words you speak will not be ordinary.  Whatever actions you perform will also be accordingly (not ordinary).

Those who have the power to tolerate are able to stabilize themselves in the stage of light and in the embodiment of pure thought.  There will be a sparkle on the faces of those who are tolerant.  

No matter what type of  negative traits or characteristics others may have, through your own power to tolerate, you will be able to suppress those negative tendencies for a temporary period. 

In your effort on yourself, you need the power to tolerate in order to create positive thoughts in your mind.  This is called ‘controlling power’.  For if you have the power to tolerate, you are able to also control waste thoughts.

At the present time, our aim is to become angels, for which light and might are essential, for these are clearly visible in the life of an angel.  To become the form of light and might, one needs the light of knowledge, which requires churning power and the the power to tolerate.

Being detached is more about being alturistic and able to uplift others and constantly experience yourself to be overflowing.  It also means you do not have any selfish motives, you are doing everything for the sake of service.  This is being a detached observer. 

By being one who has renounced everything, you will develop the virtues of easiness and tolerance.

From a Murli spoken on 12/12/94 by the Highest on High through Brahma 



Diwali ~ A Creative and Light-Filled Gathering

Namaste and Aloha Sweet Soul,

Are you in the mood for candles, intention-setting with wonderful souls, a warm, loving atmosphere, some chai, beautiful, live music on harmonium and piano with Maria Christina’s angelic voice at a lovely spot on the North Shore?

If you said YES!!! then the Brahma Kumaris of Kauai would love to invite you and your friends to join us in a Kauai-style celebration of Diwali  that centers on the awareness of the eternal light of the Self!

We will be celebrating Diwali on Sunday, November 12TH, FROM 6:30pm to 8:15pm at our Kilauea home on Kolo Road and you and family/friends are invited!

Please RSVP by calling/texting Shivalaya at 808-639-9436 so we know how much chai and special gifts to prepare!

Diwali, which is a celebration of Light happens every October in India, and now on Kauai.  It can be seen as a conscious gateway into the fast approaching season of ‘the holidays’, as well as a gateway for self-transformation.

The true purpose of Diwali is the awakening to the awareness of the eternal light of the Soul.  In Hinduism, Diwali celebrates the coming of the goddess Lakshmi who bears special gifts for those who invoke her.   In a Brahma Kumaris Celebration, we are not invoking Lakshmi, but honoring the divine qualities and virtues she carries, that reflect our true essence.  Our aim is to ignite those divine qualites within and bring them to life in all our relationships.

We invite you to join us in this luminous celebration and encourage you to bring a new, free-standing candle to light during the ceremony to focus and ignite that special quality within you that you wish to bring to life during 2018.  This special quality is also the gift/blessing you give to our world.  As a touchstone of your participation in the ceremony, you are encouraged to take the candle home with you!

You become a bestower by focusing upon your deepest, purest aim/s for yourself and the world.  Our individual and collective intentions will serve as a positive force and a jump start to complete this year and begin the next in a conscious, joyful way.

As we invoke our perfection and the perfection of humanity, we create a happy future for all!

                                                                                                                                              Celebrate Diwali November 12th @ 6:30pmBaba and Woman  Please call or text 808-639-9436 for directions and to rsvp



Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You? (part 2)

I promised to write an answer, a sequel to the piece called “Wait, Maybe the Answer is Looking for You?”.  An answer which addresses the plight of the soul today.

I am very excited about writing and sharing answers to soul questions and yet, this morning, instead of sitting down and getting right into the article I promised you, I felt unfocused and distracted.

Enter stage right:  EGO, Maya, distraction,  a trip to the post  office, a meander around Facebook, tidying up my desk, sore muscles from yesterday’s work out.  All, seemingly keeping me away from doing what I really wanted to do, which was to keep my promise and write the post!

However, ‘do not despair’ I heard my Self say, for as always, the deeper Self was busy preparing me to present you with something very special!  Apparently, the whole day was an incubation period for what I would finally share.

True to its title~What if  the Answer is Looking for You? (part 2),   I am delighted to share with you what I found, or rather what found me!  It  is a piece of writing that came into my possession over 15 years ago, written by my son, Jesse.  I had planned to mail it to him with the package I sent him; but first I wanted to read it.  Much to my surprise and delight, I found that he was writing about the journey of the soul! As he listened from deep inside, past the babbling of the mind and beyond the chatter and clatter of the world, his soul shone through~

He wrote this piece when he was twenty-something, in the language of the soul~ poetic, vivid, peaceful, and clear.  Through it, peace finds him and presents a solution for the plight of ‘the patient soul’.

I share it with you, to beckon you closer to your inner world of peace.

And so, I present to you, my first guest blogger~Jesse D’Alessio~ poet laureate of my heart!

“Waking up in a hotel, after a long day of travel, I awoke to peace of mind, tranquility, and focus. 

I heard my Self say: Peace of Mind, Tranquility, and Focus.

And so I took a deep breath,                                                                                            Relaxed my shoulders and straightened my spine, and                                           

With both feet planted firmly on the ground, I began to follow the flow that was coursing through my veins.

Life is here and now,                                                                                                              Vivid and fresh,                                                                                                                      Made to be taken and loved and felt.

This is your experience, this is your time, now is the foreseen moment.                    This is your time to experience the physical body,                                                              To experience the physical dimension.                                                                                For when I speak of you,                                                                                                              I am speaking of all of you.

What is more central to your existence than your Soul?                                               Your Soul is your core, your base and your foundation.                                                                It is everything you have been and                                                                      Is where everything you learn in this life will be remembered.

How often we forget our patient souls.                                                                          Caught up in the mental and the physical,                                                                            We spend hours listening to the elevator music of our restless minds.

True tranquility and relaxation cannot be approached                                                 Until the incessant babbling of the mind is allowed to finish                                  Allowed to finish, or asked to stop.

I once read that we have several aspects to our minds.                                                   The most obvious is the active mind,                                                                                  The mind that thinks and plans and calculates.                                                            This is the mind that is closest to the front and the first we consult.   This outermost mind is a dynamic, creative entity that spends countless                             Hours processing, interpreting, and                                                       Feeling all of the stimulation of our daily lives.                                                            Sights and sounds, smells and sensations, language and music.

This outermost mind is most active when we access it.                                          However, when we are no longer using it,                                                                  Perhaps absorbed by a rhythmic, monotonous task                                                           Or while sitting still, a second mind emerges.                                                     This is that mind that starts you singing the last song you heard on the radio             Or that repeats to itself the last advertising jingle you picked up.

How many times have you heard this second mind,                                                  Suddenly say to itself: Nabisco,ding?                                                                                      Or some other equally pointless melody devised by advertising companies to entertain your second mind? 

How often have you desired to sit still and contemplate?                                                  To simply be silent,                                                                                                                  Only to hear a song playing over and over,                                                                   Behind the now silenced active mind?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Moving past this second mind,                                                                                              This second barrier                                                                            Is essential if we wish to access the deeper core of our being.

The human brain is stronger than any computer ever created by man.                                            The memory,                                                                                                                      The power of memorization,                                                                                          The mother board of our psyche                                                                                     Is a truly awesome, mystifying force. 

Such complexity to the human brain.                                                                                  Yet still much further into the depths of you,                                                              Lies You, the ever present Soul.                                                                                              The core of your existence,                                                                                                    The most ‘you’ part of you.                                                                              For it is the soul that will live on when your physical body ceases to move.        When the atoms of your physical self are reunited with those of the earth,                          It is your soul that will be continuing the journey.

If you should succeed to be 100 years old,                                                                                You might feel that you had lived a full, long life,                                                             But how many hundreds or thousands of years will the soul live?                                    How much more constant, eternal is your soul?                                                                 You, the soul is the part of you that will go on and on.

Still we are distracted by the physical body.                                                                              We are preoccupied by the second mind,                                                                       Which is shielding us from our subconscious.   

And how much more profound than our subconscious is the Living Soul?              Peace, Tranquility, and Focus                                                                                                 The Realms of the Soul. 

 Let us not put the body and mind on autopilot                                                               Only to wander the earth adrift.                                                                                                Let us live for the soul, with the mind and through the body.                                     A triplicity of spirit, mind, and body, combined…                                                           Interlocked and interwoven.

Such a wonder,                                                                                                                                Such an ingenious design.                                                                                                            Such a gift is life,                                                                                                                          That it might be lived to the fullest.                                                                                            Spirit, mind, and body.                                                                                                            Triplicity in One.


Child Soul Meditating




Turning Within for Solutions

Hanalei Bay

This is a wonderful  “as above, so below” shot of the Hanalei Pier, the  mountains, and the ocean.  What is interesting to me is that the pier, the heart of Hanalei Bay, is not reflected in the water.  What is visible is only the physical structure; the reflection of the pier can not be seen for it has been swallowed up by the shadows of the mountains.

I find this very symbolic of the condition of much of the world today…whereby the physical structure and content of reality dominates our awareness  and the spiritual reflection or recognition of who we really are has been clouded over by the shadows of seemingly mountainous burdens and, at other times, by the distractions that have made us forget to turn within for solutions.

The part of us that is invisible, can shine like the Sun, when we pay attention to it. The light of the sun like our own light can illuminate the shadows. Knowing yourself from the inside takes effort and determination to turn away from the distracting ‘splendor’ of the physicality of everything around us, including our own bodies, in order to view the true splendor of our spiritual selves, the tiny point of light which resides in the center of the forehead. This can be experienced through meditation and is the foundation for Raja Yoga Meditation which the Brahma Kumaris teach worldwide.

A BLESSING from the Highest on High~who is also invisible, incognito, and yet ever so powerful when we turn our attention in that One’s Direction~

“May you be bodiless* and pass with honors with the stage of being detached…have the practice of remaining beyond your words and thoughts.  Let your soul become merged in the Ocean of Peace.  At the end only the bodiless* stage will be useful…and make you victorious.”

*Definition of BODILESS:  This is the state of awareness of your true identity as a point of light,  a sparkling star, sitting in the center of your forehead while in the body. It is actually a dual awareness of being in the body, and being separate from the body~This is the truth of our existence, since I, the soul, as a being of  light- am eternal, whereas the body made up of the elements of earth, water, air, ether, and fire)  is oh so temporary.

Remember you are an eternal soul!

sparking soul

Don’t Live “Under the Influence”


pink rose with pink aura

I am responsible for all that I experience, for all perceptions and feelings.  We are all living subjectively.  Remind yourself of this and go beyond your own mind!

Do not be under the influence of transitory perceptions of reality, even your own.

Go beyond and  immerse yourself in the Ocean of Silence, the Ocean of Peace, the One above.  Receive truth from this space.

Get into a wavelength that is beyond the problem that you are facing in order to receive a greater power.

This is how to resolve difficulties and obstacles.

Occasionally a trusted friend who knows you very well can be of assistance.

Yet for the best guidance, turn your attention to the Invisible Friend, the One without a body, the One who has never stopped loving you, even for an instant.