Journal Entry : March 20, 2007 SPRING SOLSTICE!!! Update to December 2, 2017

Screened in LanaiJournal Entry, Tuesday, March 20, 2007 ~ Spring Solstice

Yesterday I took myself on an “Artist’s Date” to the Tin Man Bookstore and bought a book called Saints and the Enlightened.  Light from another dimension!

While giving Divine Light to a dear friend, her guides, whom she calls “the teachers” opened her eyes to gaze at my chest area.  They said ” purify in order to ascend”. Indeed~ powerful message, here!

Journal Entry, Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As I gave Divine Light last night, I was imagining creating a “screened in lanai “off of my bedroom. I wondered who would help me create this indoor-outdoor space? Little did I know that  I had not met the wonderful souls yet, who would help bring this dream into manifestation.

Seven years later,  this dream is a reality.   I am  in a different home, in a different spiritual state, and on a different part of the island.   This lanai  is my sweet sleeping, writing, and musing quarters.

Reading this old journal entry,  I’m amazed!  I had completely forgotten about the screened-in lanai vision, had completely let go of it.  But the vision was still there,  merged within as a potential within the recesses of the soul, until now.

Now it lives in this dimension too!!!  WAH Sweet Drama WAH!!!


December 2, 2017

Ten years later, another spot on the island, another wonderful lanai, overlooking another bluff which offers the sights and sounds of the Kilauea river.  This is where I sleep and study and write and meditate.  Thank you blessed drama for arranging the details of this journey, every step of the way!  I am so grateful.


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