Journal Entry on Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Last night, Jesse called!  He had just written a beautiful poem to me, for me, about me, his mama.  How moving, I cherish this renewal of our relationship in every cell of my being.

Now, deep purification.   Back heavy, behind the lungs, stiff.  Laid on Ke’e Beach for two hours.  No momentum or ambition to walk up to the Heiau. Prayed from down below for balance for all couples, individuals, and nature.

Tired, why so tired???  Cleansing the cells from the toil of forgetfulness, of forgetting the Source, forgetting who I am, and who I belong to.   

The Source of love, light, joy, and bliss is ONE…never to be forgotten~ THIS IS TRUE HEALING POWER. Remember the Source of truth, completeness, and know unshakable happiness. 

Soulful Pic from treehouse Remember this One with each holy breath.

Take time for remembrance of the Source that nourishes you, strengthens you, makes you whole, keeps your back straight.

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