She Rocks the Soul of All Who Listen~

Beach at St. RegisShe Rocks my Soul!

I am filled  with her green lusciousness.

Sand on back and between toes,

Caressed by a misty saltiness,

Kauai beckons me to say:

“Come into my world ,

Bring your childhood strain,

your businessman’s pain,

your motherhood’s drain.

All slip away by the sea, by the sea.

By the sea, I live,

by the sea.”


Kilauea WaterfallOn the shores of Kauai,

I’ve come to know an oasis of

inner wonder and beauty

that ever calls out to me.

As I watch shades of golden red light caress the tenderest of skies,

my thoughts travel back to love

at the end of the day.

A canopy of peace prevails and soothes the soul into a

quiet, dreamless sleep under an awning of moon and stars.


Mama Kauai will rock you to the rhythm of her song,

a tune so ancient,  it will reach the  innermost depths of who you are~

She croons Her affirmations of love

All through the night.

All for all who listen.

white hammock and ocean

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