The Rose Seed and the Soul

ROSES of KauaiI turn my attention within to remember

who I am.

I, the Soul, am a Spiritual Rose in the Garden of the ONE, the Master Gardener.

I am the master of this body which  like a physical rose,  must fade away.

When the last petal of a rose perishes, the seeds will remain.  A single seed contains its blueprint, its original essence, and the eternal characteristics which make a rose, a rose.

When this body fades away, what still remains?  What is eternal, imperishable,everlasting?

The Light of the Soul is forever, like the rose seed,  the soul carries and perpetuates its original essence eternally.

The original essence, fragrance, and full bloom of a soul are found deep within.  In its fullness a soul IS: Peace, Purity, Love, Joy Truth, and Bliss.

With the right conditions and the right efforts, the full bloom of a soul can emerge once again.

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