Let the Heart Be Constant

Green Light Blast


My Heart Constantly Overflows,

Fed by the Lord of Nectar.

I, the soul, am drawn by the Magnet of Constant Love and Happiness,

Away from this sorrow-drenched world.

I remember the Home…Land of Silence, Nirvana.

My happiness is constant

For my self-respect is a sparkling diamond, ever stable.

I spread these waves of happiness to all souls.

I, the soul, am up above close to my Beloved, the One to whom I belong.

The One beckons me to Remember and Remain

Under the beautiful canopy of Light

He has put around me.

As I remember the One,

I receive purifying rays of Light and Love

That fill me to overflowing.

When you concentrate on the Source of Goodness, Hope and Mercy,

You will go out and touch others with your presence, without saying a word.

You are unlimited!

Love is Life.

Love flows out to meet each moment.

There is a rippling of continuity that makes the NOW endless ….

Endlessly present and present and present…

A flow of unbroken consciousness that takes you Home.

On the beam of Remembrance-your Lifeline

Your unbroken fortune is to know the beginning, the middle, and the end

Continually flowing into forever.

Knowledgable, unwavering,

Long-lost but now found,

In the presence of ONE.

Behold Yourself There,

Know True Love,

See for yourself the Truth.

There is a Guide, a Teacher, and a Parent who truly cares for you.

Remember that ONE

Forget all the rest.

In this awareness there is only purity, love, and bliss.

Share it,

Be it,


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