What is Moving Within Your Heart of Hearts?

A drop of purityWritten in a Journal on June 15, 2010  ( 7 1/2 years ago)

Feeling compelled to go inward, to find what is moving within the heart space today! Have had fifteen days with Luca ( grandbaby), nineteen days total off from school. Feelings of freedom well up.  Releasing burdens, acknowledging my true passion to live life moment by moment.

For in a moment, a single glance wipes out the  bitterness from the heart and sets it throbbing with new love.

In  moments of true forgetfulness, there is a detachment from all material surroundings. The poet allows her imagination to soar into this realm of forget “fullness” often.  While others may find this state very rare and it is often said that poets, artists, and philosophers are born, not made; it can also be said that these phases of real forget “fullness” are the results of real efforts made both in this life and past lives.

In an attempt to make life bearable some people develop a feeble kind of stoicism – a sort of “who cares, anyway” outlook – and others plunge recklessly into epicurism. The former is the apathetic acceptance of defeat and the latter is effort to forget defeat in the arms of pleasure. Neither is true forgetfulness. Neither can be called victorious!

Today I grow to know You as I gaze into nothing, going nowhere.

Here, ever closer to the One I am searching for!


July 14, 2010 ( 1 month later)

Hello pages of my soul speaking out loud to be heard by my heart of hearts.

Dear One:
Begin your sales by selling yourself upon yourself. You are an exquisite gem exploring your own many facets of growth and inner learning – compassionate dweller of stellar landscapes, inner and outer.


Monday, September 17, 2012  (A year and 10 months, and 3 days later)

…it enters your heart how much you should become a helper of the Father…and give happiness…show everyone the path of happiness given by The One who has come to teach you how to smile.

amazing rose

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