What an incredible evening it was last night as seventy-five souls gathered on Kauai for the purpose of BEING WITH ONE. We were accompanied by the celestial sounds of harp, sitar, angelic vocals, and crystal bowls, as we were guided back to our original home beyond this earth, to a place one can only go after letting go of the body and traveling as a soul, a being of light. We were guided by a gentle, loving voice that encouraged us souls to fly like birds through the stars, past the physical sun and moon of this world to enter a beautiful golden red dimension where we basked in the Love of the ONE~ Our next blissful events are held every Sunday in Kilauea from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm.

Call Shivalaya @ 639-9436 for directions as we take the journey Home and share the Light and Love we find there with our brothers and sisters and the earth.

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