Spirituality is the power to choose own’s own thoughts and life path.

Power is the ability to choose one’s own thoughts and life path.

Do you wish to  find ways to get in touch with the grace and power of knowing the Self?

This blog has been created for just that purpose, the purpose of growing into soul-consciousness and outgrowing the default consciousness of the body.

This information is free and priceless and available to all.

What are the perks for being soul conscious?

For one, you will be much less ego-driven and less limited by placating and satisfying the ever demanding needs of the body.

What this translates into is freedom and a true sense of peace.

This wisdom is embodied in the free course that includeds the Art of Raja Yoga Meditation as well as invaluable knowledge of the soul.

To be in contact, please leave your contact info, questions, and/or comments here and I’ll get back with you.  Courses can be done in person or on FaceTime or even Online at your own pace.

Thank you for your willingness to discover and awaken to your Spiritual Power!


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